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Insulin Pin Question for KSMan


What about injecting straight into the thigh with an insulin hypo with a 1/2" or 5/16" needle?This wouldn't, obviously, be a SC injection, but, rather, should essentially comprise an IM injection. Is this an accurate interpretation? Is this deep enough for an IM injection? If not, than what would it comprise and how would it affect the distribution and half life of testosterone cypionate?

Many thanks.



We can't answer this because we don't know how fat you are...obviously someone with more fat on their leg is going to have a SC if trying to inject into their quad with a 1/2"...someone leaner will hit the muscle...

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter...both injection methods are fine...rotate sites if you feel like you need to...there is no reason to sweat half lives etc if you are injecting relatively frequently (2x/week)


When doing injections even in heavier people using the deltoid has been shown not be an issue in HRT. People get the same results even in a person who is leaner taking the same amount.