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Insulin + Pavel 5x5x5


I have a low dose of TRT cypionate. To add to it I am going to do about 8-10 units of insulin Humlin-R post workout. Last time I used insulin, several years ago, (on a split routine) I seemed to gain too much fat--though you could tell it was working in general mass/strength terms.

I thought maybe Pavel Tsatsouline 5x5x5 might be a good way to go. Hit but don't obliterate the entire body, jack your insulin and cram in BCAAs along with 80-100 grams of clean(er) carbs on a daily blast.

Anyone doing anything along these lines, or have done so?


Why not just up test and add in something else? Insulin is dangerous, my father is a Type 1 diabetic and i’ve seen how he gets when he takes to much, scary shit.


yeah, i think insulin is pretty silly to use for someone just looking for a minor boost. also, the post-workout use has been debunked, i believe…

there are so many better options, IMO, especially since you’re already on TRT…

as far as the Pavel training style… well, i don’t know many guys that gained much size off that.