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Insulin or HGH: Which Is More Anabolic?

I was doing some research on this subject but couldn’t find any information. Does anyone know which is more anabolic: insulin or hgh. You can’t have both at the same time so which would be more beneficial. In your opinion which has worked better for you. Have you read anything on the matter.

Do you want the answer to be regarding insulin by itself vs GH by itself? (In the context of weight training.)

Or do you want the answer to be in the context of insulin plus heavy anabolic steroid use vs GH plus that?

If were talking about injecting, and not what your body makes ?

Insulin, I have not used insulin or HGH, but insulin is the “stronger” hormone in terms of just straight growth.

Which is better for building muscle is based on a lot of different factors, so more information is needed.

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Insulin indirectly lowers hgh levels. I’m not talking about injecting insulin.

Then this doesn’t sound like a drug forum question, really.

It now becomes a hopeless question. Without insulin (including not any natural insulin), you will die. So how do we compare to not having insulin?

So you’ve got insulin already naturally, which is necessary to life, and GH already, and want to know which is more anabolic.

Well, if you’d become unable to produce insulin right after birth (let’s say) and weren’t given any, you’d have died. If you likewise became unable to produce GH and weren’t given any, you’d have wound up a dwarf.