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Insulin Only?

I’ve done much research on Insulin lately and had several questions maybe some of you more advanced guys could answer.

  1. Are the gains extremely good by itself or must it be stacked with AAS or HGH to work well.

  2. The most opportune time is post-workout but does it have to be used religiously? Could it be used only 2 post-workouts a week? I ask because I have a very easy tendency to gain fat and adipose anabolism seems very high with insulin.

  3. Does diabetes only result from long-term overuse and abuse or could it be a freak thing?

  4. Humalog or Humilin-R??

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E man I am having good results bridgeing with it. Insuline alone is still going to aid in “carrying” whatever sups your takeing. Read up on insuline’s effect on the sattelite cells.hope this helps.


By carrying supps do you mean creatine, bcass, glutamine. Or anything else.

I promised myself that this would be one thing I’d never touch, and now I’m reading about it. DAMNIT!!! Quit asking relevent questions wide…


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Excellent. Thanks for all the info fellas.

I’m not a pro on this one but I think that if you’re using igf-1 you also wont’ use as much slin as yhou would if you where running it alone (the slin).

So that’s something to keep in mind, although I haven’t had a single sign of going hype from a slin shot yet and that would include using like 14 ius (just once to see if I would actually feel the slin). Strangely I didn’t, but I suppose that would mean that my post slin shot nutrition is in check. Right?