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Insulin-Only Cycle, 18 Yrs Old


Hey guys, I am new on here although I've been lurking the forum and the article sections for quite a while already. I have been reading a bit and came to the conclusion that "natural" bodybuilding isn't necessarily "natural" simply because of not using steroids as there are many other things outside exogenous anabolic substances one could implement in order to achieve hypertrophy as desired.

I am not saying that I plan on achieving my natural genetic potential weight in 6 months or something stupid like that but I just want to start a path that could lead me to such a point of muscular development as soon as possible without necessarily resorting to substances that could leave behind a number of permanent side effects (given that my endocrine system is not yet COMPLETELY developed, tweaking it directly could damage it; or so I feel).

Since I'm 18, I don't want to get my hands on PHs or peptides and since I'm not close to my natural genetic potential neither am I necessarily rushed to achieve it, I don't want to get my hands on steroids (yet, maybe?)

I am particularly interested in the use of insulin post bcaa-supported fasted WO (as a starting point). I decided to come on here once again and ask for advice on how to set up a "cycle" of non steroidal substances that could help me achieve the most mass possible.

This is what I plan on doing as my first insulin only cycle.

I measured my blood glucose levels before and after a sugary meal last night to see my body's insulin response and this is what came out (I had eaten 4 hours ago):

87 mg/dl
8 sweet tarts + 30 mins later
155 mg/dl
2 hours later
80 mg/dl

I plan on doing this:

21g carbohydrate pre-workout drink 45 minutes pre-workout ( 3 scoops size on)

10g BCAAs 10 minutes pre-workout

2pm - 45 minute â??fastedâ?? lifting with 10g BCAAs during the session (2 pm)

245pm - 2 IU of Humalog sub Q (stomach) post workout and a high carb drink right after my injection (Fat Free Milk + Honey).

250pm - 120g protein; 300g carbs; no fat

6pm - 50g protein; 100g carbs; no fat

8pm - 30g fatty protein (salmon) and fish oil caps; no carbs

Caloric requirements measured via bodybugg; eating on a 20% surplus for on days / 20% diet induced deficit on off days (no cardio besides casual 45 minute brisk walks).

Injecting insulin on leg, arms and chest days; lifting program is AST's Max OT, however, I am also considering a 3x per week high intensity full body training 3x a week focused on main compound lifts (Chad W's TBT) 45-60 mins. in duration including rests, warm-up sets and working sets.


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44 views and no replies? Anyone?


You weigh 159 at 5'8"
You're 18 years old
And you want to use insulin "instead of dangerous drugs"
Possibly combined with Waterbury's TBT 3x/week

I really hope this is just a pretty funny trolljob.

If not, ask your dad to slap you in the face and tell you to lift weights for a few years.


This sounds like a way to 1. become insulin dependent (IE: develop diabetes), 2. Die, 3. Get half assed results that you could have gotten via safer methods.

Insulin can literally KILL YOU.

Ok, I'm off my soap box. Good luck.


Stay away from that it will defently kill you. I would go with something a little safer


Insulin won't kill me at 2IU and 200+ cals from carbs right after (much more than "10g" per IU).

What's something a little "safer"?

Maybe insulin's dangerous in the hands of people who can't seem to do shit right but there's really nothing more besides complying to a certain specific set of rules (such as the eating parameters within the specific times) for it to be successful.

Someone in my family already knows about this in case I do happen to become hypoglycemic and need a run to the hospital but I doubt it'll happen given that I will EAT enough right after it.

I've already purchased the humalog as well.

Anyone else?


Not necessarily but I would like to given that I have the time (just not the recovery capabilities) to do so. What could be any other productive ways to manipulate insulin through foods and supplements?


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STRICTLY Leucine alone or could a BC+EEA mixture containing Leucine also work? Any specific dosages of Leucine based on LBM or something?


you are a fucking moron. insulin does not increase recovery in capacity you are hoping it will. it will not make you grow in capacity you think it will. you will not reach genetic potential quicker taking insulin. i just slapped my own self in the face reading this shit. i generally only come on here for a few laughs as posts on this site provide more entertainment than could be fictionally printed, but your post really stands out.


BBB mentioned it's uses for increased recovery capacities never did I mention that's what I seek to obtain through the use of insulin.

I'm glad I made you laugh though, when you plan on being of any actual help, mr. tough, feel free to come by again or drop me a PM. Until then, feel free to fuck off.


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I've been using simple carbs PWO to spike my insulin for a while now and love the results. I know leucine is perfect to use with it also, but as I am on a tight budget, I normally stick to a 10g glutamine/10g creatine/70-200g sugar mix immediately PWO. IMMEDIATELY PWO is key; if I for some reason don't have anything with me at the gym to start sipping on my last set, I buy some Sprite or cranberry soda from the cafe at my gym.
If you do want to use leucine, I think a minimum of 5g PWO could be beneficial. More like 10-20g if you can do that.

I'd recommend starting with less sugar, maybe around 50g, and assess your results. When I'm having enough, I notice the feeling of my pump returning/extending, as my body uses the insulin spike to replenish my muscle glycogen and get started on the repair process.

You can see some really good results with a simple glutamine/creatine/sugar mix PWO, and it's super-cheap to do it this way. Have something with dextrose or high-fructose corn syrup as your sugar source, as these are digested very rapidly.


Thank you Kosan I appreciate your advice and the amount of detail you provided. I currently have a tub of MHP's Dark Matter and used that as my PWO shake (10g sugars/50g carbs and 12g protein); it's got Leucine in it as well as Creatine and Glutamine.

I've been sticking to high GI carbs right after my workout for quite a while as you've stated and the results have been good. Given that I employ IF I pretty much feast out on carbs and lean proteins after my workouts and keep fat intake about 4 hours away from my post workout meals.

My blood glucose levels don't really raise above 150 (even after things like gummy worms + sweet tarts) and return back to the 80-90 range in about 20 minutes after ingesting sugars so I'm guessing my body's pretty good with it's own natural secretion of insulin.

If I get brought down back to 80 pretty quickly I don't think there's much of a use for the exogenous insulin I've already purchased, is there? I'm currently glycogen depleted (even after 400g carbs so far today) and was wondering if that's the reason why my blood sugar is brought back down so quickly (absorbed).


Have fun being hypoglycemic.




you know what bro good job on getting to know your body, seeing how you react to shit. You might have some shit wrong but atleast your fucking trying, I can respect that. Some people like to flame cause they know alot, but atleast you done some research thats more than can be said for alot the posts on here. Good luck


Thank you so much man! It's appreciated!