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Insulin Needles


I posted this in the TRT: Protcol for injects, but I figured I may get a better response with its own thread.

KSMan, thanks for the helpful info.

I do have a question, with injecting yourself with #29 0.5ml 0.5" [50iu] insulin syringes, what is the ratio of how much testosterone in each injecting? For example, lets say I inject myself with 50mg of test twice a week, how much do i need to put in the syringe?

My vials are 200mg per 1ml so I wonder if my math is correct.

Would it be 1/2cc or .25ml to get 50mg of test? Or am I miscalculating something.


0.5mL = 100mg
0.25mL = 50mg




How do you load the slin pins with test?


Normal procedure, takes about 4-5 minutes to load 100mg/0.5ml

I hang the vial with the needle hanging from that, go fill hCG and the T is loaded when I get back.

Loading less loads faster.

Injection times are reasonable as the small piston of the 0.5ml can create about 200PSI.


You not have issues getting “micro” bubbles of air when loading these?


The Bubbles you are seeing is the Benzyl alcohol boiling under vacuum. They are condensed into liquid again as soon as the vacuum drops below the boiling point.


Ah! That makes sense then.