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Insulin Monojects for I.M. Oil-Based Shots?


Bushy wrote in another thread about this (and will hopefully comment here as I didn't want to jack his thread)

Lets face it, the gamble with a 23 1.5 eod makes the risk factor a tad high (hitting a vain or nerve, scar tissue and so on). The chances of something going wrong with a slin pin would be less but don't you have to worry about the oil not making it all in?

What would be the complications if all the oil didn't make it IM. I would assume (in the case) deeper is not always better?
Excuse my ignorance as I have only known 23 1.5 in my delt to date and the thought of this excites me as less risk in this game would always be welcome.

So, doing 2cc of test and 1 of eq could be done with 3 slin pins??

Thanks for your thoughts.


If your bodyfat is low enough to get the needle in deep enough. If it isn't in deep enough (a 5/8" ios often no good for 1ml) then you will end up with the oil being more SC than IM.


i do this all the time now that i only use small amounts, i would suggest 6 pins at 1/2ml. backload the slin pins (by pulling the plunger out) and inject small volumes as described into thin skin (for lack of a better term) areas. delts, bis, tris, quads if lean etc.

Ther are several doctors in teh hrt field that now utilize sub q testosterone shots for HRT, now i am not sure if i quite buy into all that, but the point is, no it won't hurt you. the key is to keep volumes low. I will tell you another little trick that works very well although some are going to disagree (generally having never tried it themselves).

Lets say you are going to shoot 600mg of test per week preload 7 insulin pins to approx 85mg each and shoot it every day. yes i know long esters etc etc...try it before you pass judgement. The beauty of slin pins is they are painless and convenient, except of course having to backload them, so it makes it easy to do this. for what its worth - MP


Bill Roberts have used slin shots extensively, maybe he can comment on this matter.
If you rotate your injection site, i think you will be ok even with ED shots.
I use quad 2 sites, 2x2ml , tricep 1ml, bicep 1ml, delt 1.5 ml, glute 3ml, trap 1ml. So if you shoot 2 sites every day (left + right), you can inject up to 23ml of oil per week, and each site only get injected once per week.

Even if you are using low concertration gear, 75mg/ml Ropel Test-E, 75mg/ml generic trenbolone, 50mg/ml Organon Deca, 50mg/ml Ganabol/Equipoise etc.
You can still theoretically use 600mg test-e + 450 tren-a + 450mg eq or deca per week. I think this stack is good enough for most guys?! yeah?


I hardly ever use anything BUT 1/2" insulin syringes.

There are very many places -- counting something an inch away as being a different place -- that one can inject in the thighs. There are other areas that can be used as well, but I find the thighs the most convenient.


I second that BR. If you are lean and big, it is easy to avoid the veins and inject multiple 0.5 ml shots in the thigh.


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So what happens if some and or all the oil ends up being more SC than IM?

I know I have heard of BB like things under the skin. Will they dissipate in the muscle or can this cause a sterile abscess?



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Do any of you inject the full 1ml volume with a slin pin? I have only tried .7ml up to this point but soon will need to go 1ml.

I see mephistopheles only uses .5ml.

I also might add that I use 3 spots on the same leg, vastus lateralis.


I have never had an injection go wrong in any way with a 1/2" insulin needle except for:

1) Small chance of usually minor bruising from puncturing a blood vessel. But that would happen worse with a bigger and/or longer needle.

2) Rarely a twinge from a nerve (not a major one) but as I push the needle in slowly, I withdraw and pick another spot. Again, that would only be worse with a bigger and/or longer needle.

3) An extreme small percentage of cases gave, for a brief time, a bit of a lumpy feeling at the site. But this had nothing, I think, to do with being an insulin syringe/needle.

4) Totally unrelated problem of plunger stopping only partway through (very small percentage of time)

I never thought that any of the oil went sub-Q.

Virtually always 1 mL or about 1.1.


Lets not state that one can inject in the thighs as some then think that they can inject in the inner leg where the major blood vessels and nerves are. Someone here actually did start doing that.

If its vastus lateralis, state that, and if don't understand they can Google for the facts.

IM VS SC: Yes some inject SC it works great. Smoother time release. Might create odd lumps for larger amounts. If one is quite lean, the lumps are more evident.

Note that testosterone pellets are also SC and transdermals are eventually SC delivery. If part of am IM injection leaks back into SC, there should not be any problems.


Guys, can someone tell me how to back fill an insulin syringe? I haven't tried yet, but I am wondering what happens when you put the plunger back in the back filled slin pin. One would think it would push the contents out the other end as you replace the plunger? I'm sure it is quite simple since I know many do it all the time. Just doesn't pan out when I run it through my mind.


You put the plunger barely in, turn upside down, let the air bubble up to the top, then push the plunger the small additional distance till the air is expelled.


just try it, maybe one drop might escape if that, after filling place plunger back in barrel just enough to seal it and turn over so it is pin up. let air travel to top, done


Thanks Bill and morepain. Makes complete sense now that I can envision it.


Just another voice to vouch for the safety of SUBQ test injects via insulin pins.

To be specific, smallish volumes (0.5mL give-or-take) and 29g pins, eod admin or e3d at the absolute most, and very little chance of actually making it inside the fascia as my friend on TRT nearly always sticks to the dorsogluteal and ventrogluteal spots.

He reports zero problems to date.


OK... this is all news to me... so a 1/2" 27g to the quad is acceptable for oil based products? Will this be possible using a standard 3cc syringe? Would you use the same setup at the dorsogluteal site? Delts? I've used this setup into the delts before but only with waterbased products.


Hi there OP!

Could you please refer to the original post by BBB? He and I can't seem to find it! maybe I'm missing something



I think you'll find with such a small gauge needle (27G) on a 3ml syringe it will be very difficult to squeeze the oil out. It is the additional pressure generated by the smaller diameter of the slin pin that makes this work quite well with a 29G slin pin.