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Insulin levels related to Protein Consumption?

So no one knows how much protein we can consume at one sitting, whether it is 30 or 200 grams. Well, my question is in regard to the body’s insulin response to the amount of protein consumed. How many grams of protein or amount of amino acids elicits a strong insulin response? Or does/will it depend on the amount of [protein] calories? Say eating five hundred calories of protein will cause an extremely high level insulin response? Or a thousand? Yes, we have all heard how insulin shuttles amino acids into the muscle, but how much is required? Would a good indicator of how much protein to eat at one sitting be the amount of insulin released? Of course, consuming protein will/should cause more of a glucogon response, but at what point will it cause more of an insulin response, which in my opinion would be unfavorable? 100 grams? 1000 grams?
Thanks for your time.

Some aminos cause an insulin response, others do not. I think Lyle McDonald said somewhere in his book that on average protein is 52% (carbs 100% and fat 5%). If your trying to avoid an insulin response, you have to add fat to the mix. I try to shoot for a 1 to 1 protein/fat gram ratio while on the anabolic diet.

Yes, I think taurine is one of them, but I am not talking about a specific amino acid or protein taken with other foods, I just mean protein!