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Insulin is Anabolic

Why does everyone talk about insulin as if it’s evil? Last I knew, insulin was as anabolic (or moreso) than testoster.

John Berardi has a great physique. Didn’t he get that way by flooding his body with insuling? Eating like he did (cinammon rolls and peanut butter) flooded his body with insulin. He went from scrawny to brawny in 2 years.

So why is everyone afraid of insulin when it’s so anabolic? I can understand the fear if you’re dieting. But most guys seems to act like it’s ALWAYS a bad thing.

I love slin…lol

I have tried to spike insulin without supplementing it (shots) and have had a hard time not getting realy fat when doing it.

IMO its something that the majority of people spend too much time worrying about. Get a good diet and workout hard and dont sweat the small stuff.

I believe insulin (or trying to spike it) after a workout shuts down GH and fat burning and turns off gene expression that causes muscular growth.

With that said, insulin spiking (and managment thereafter) sure seems to work well for gaiing mass.

I’d say that keeping insulin low as much as possible by avoiding intentional spikes and minimizing carbs is a healthier way to live.

Low levels of insulin (at all times) appears to be THE desired route for long-term health. It’s just that you may be quite a few pounds lighter (less mass).

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