Insulin Insensitivity

My brother has a slow metabolism and has a high bodyfat percentage (above 30%), how can he regain his insulin sensitivity? I started him on a T-Dawg 2.0 diet, Meltdown Training, and a combination of Renegade Rope and Reg. Cardio. Will the insulin problem take care of itself, or does he need to add some type of supplement and/or medication? Any answers or article references would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Fish oils, proper diet, cardio, and r-ala will all increase one’s insulin sensitivity.

You’ve already taken the right steps. Stay away from supplementation for now.

I will say that I do feel that ALA works. I know that it does for me. However, I turns my stomach into a bottomless pit. I highly doubt this is a diserable side-effect for someone on a hypocaloric diet.

Read: The Taming of Insulin by Cy Wilson

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