Insulin insensitive?

I’m 6’5" and 243 pounds. Been on T-Dawg for about 5 weeks. Lost about 7 pounds scale weight. I can tell by mirror that I’ve lost some bodyfat. I project that I am around 20% bodyfat. Just started 5x5 again after doing meltdown for 2 weeks. Felt like I was loosing strength and lbm on meltdown, so I switched to 5x5. I lost weight the fastest during meltdown phase. I’ve read here that high bodyfat % should do Meltdown. Should I alternate programs every 2 weeks? Any help appreciated. Also, after cheat meal on Saturday, which included a big piece of german chocolate cake, I tested blood sugar. I was at 118. Does this make me insulin sensitive or insensitive?


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I would stick with the programs for at least 3-4 weeks. 2 weeks really isn’t long enough to gauge the effectiveness of a program. At 2 weeks you are still getting used to the exercises.

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Seeing that you are on tdawg 2.0, which is a hypocaloric diet, I would say 5x5 is better for retaining lbm on that. Meltdown from what i’ve seen/heard is a more involved workout and more likely to burn some lbm off when you are not eating enough.

How long after eating did you take blood sugar?

I’m not going to pretend to be able to answer your question about your blood sugar test. But I will say that telling us you had a piece of chocolate cake and only taking 1 read isn’t nearly enough information. I believe it would be better to use something like Maltodextrin that has been carefully measured and take readings at 30,60,90, and 120 minutes after ingestion. Hopefully someone else will comment on this. PM Marc McDougal as I’m sure he can give you plenty of information about this.

About your training. Yes you can alternate 5x5 and Meltdown. John Roman did this (sort of) for his Hot-Rox transformation. Here is the thread where you can read about what he did:;jsessionid=?id=297319

I think you’ll find it informative.

Akheron gave a good answer to your question already, but I’ll take a stab at it as well.

If you had a cheat meal with cake (not you, Cupcake) and your blood glucose was only 118 anytime within an hour or two after the meal, then your insulin sensitivity is probably pretty good.

If that had been a fasting blood glucose, then you’d definately be worried about insulin insensitivity.

McDougal’s played around with testing his blood glucose a lot. He’s always a good resource to get ahold of for this kinda stuff.

Thanks for the input. I thought about alternating every 2 weeks, because meltdown felt like I was losing lbm. Now that I am doing 5x5, I feel like my muscles are back to normal or bigger. I am pretty sure that I am losing bf, because waist looks smaller, and veins are showing up on legs and arms. I am doing without supplements, because I am on probation, and I get piss tested every week. Don’t want to take any chances. Had a false positive about 3 months ago while taking some supps. Once I get done with probation, I have a 12 week mag-10 cycle waiting for me. Can’t wait! Will post before and after pics.

About the insulin sensitivity issue: The heavy carb meal was eaten about an hour before I tested myself. I was wondering about the results because, father is diabetic, and the places where I store my fat. Think I’ll try Mcdougal if nobody has any more input. I primarily store fat, stomach, back, and man boobs. Legs and arms are thin. Legs are almost shredded. Probably equal amount of fat on back(subscapular) and stomach. Hope this info helps.