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Insulin Injections?

I know that some BBer’s use insulin because it is anabolic. What kind of doses do they use and how do they keep from going hypoglycemic? Also, how does it not lead to excessive fat storage.

I work in the medical field and deal with many diabetics. I have given out tons of insulin injections. Of course in all my textbooks the BB application of insulin was not covered (go figure). I am not going to use it myself, just curious as to how it fits into a BBer’s use.

I found some info at mesorx that answered most of my questions.

Care to share your thoughts on this practice. I’d be somewhat interested in what someone who works in the medical feild has to say about this practice.

BTW, is it just me or is preventing going hypo so moronically easy it’s almost shocking that the compound is precieved as dangerous as it is? BTW, that doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s completely safe.

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To diabetics going high or low on you Blood sugar (BS) is something that they get used to. They are able to tolerate a greater range of abnormal with less signs and symptoms. I have seen people as high as 600 ng/dcl and as low as 30 ng/dcl and not feel it. Normal is around 70-110. To a non diabetic dropping into even the 60’s could have you KO’ed.

If you are awake enough to swallow, shotgunning a soda can bring the levels back up. If you are alone or unconcious it really becomes a medical emergency. I also question how many BBer’s have access to a glucose testing meter ( I mean the pro’s do, but not johnnyjockhead at 24 hr fitness).

With out the meter you won’t know were your numbers are outside of how you are feeling. You also have to take into account how long the insulins action is.Also, what would this do to your body’s own production of insulin??

I have only been doing 2iu’s PWO with 30g carbs and creatine . I tried going up to 5iu but got a little nervous and ended up going through about 100g carbs.

Im still really new to slin but Im loving it so far.

I have a friend who is a MD, and a competitive BB and juicer. The only thing he really had to say when we discussed the topic was insulin will kill you if done improperly. Other than that he said aas was cool used properly. Insulin can make you crash, and can kill used improperly. This is why I will never even touch insulin.

Care to comment/ have any solid info on your last question OCN200?

Myself, I learned personal method of insulin use from Oliver Starr, as of some findings he had had perhaps six or eight years ago. One of his interesting findings is that insulin use does NOT have to figured based on carbs, as high protein can also serve. So he had a protocol in which 4 IU was used 3x/day, himself stepping up from that but acquiring insulin resistance when doing so (which however was reversible.)

My own findings and that of some others that have gotten back to me on their findings has been that when the total dose per day is only 12 IU or so, there has been no detectable impairment of insulin sensitivity. Of course, a given individual might be an exception.

Also with time I took to, where carb intake was high, simply making this a single daily dose of 12 IU, assuming it was a workout day and with quite high intake of carbs and protein post workout. Absolutely one should not jump to such a dosage. This also did not lead to any loss of insulin sensitivity.

In terms of being hard on the body, I don’t think it is, because it does nothing bad to blood sugar and if anything the load on the pancreas is reduced.

It’s true that provided one is ABSOLUTELY diligent about not going to sleep post-injection, and eats frequently (every 2 or 3 hours) as one should do anyway, and the food intake is properly planned, and no mistake is made in the dosing that one isn’t going to go hypo or die or whatever. However, all that is a lot to assume, too much I think, to expect to every single time prove true for every single individual given say 1000 or 10,000 people reading it. We can all make mistakes, and a mistake with this can be grave. Accordingly it is properly, I think, called a high-risk approach. It can be safe for an individual, but I think not safe for every single one of a large number of individuals – and sometimes one never knows who it is that’s going to make the mistake, it might be oneself.

How so?

Well, suppose that there are other drugs one injects with an insulin needle, say HCG or GH. One is used to using say the 30 IU mark for the GH, the 50 IU mark for the HCG, or what have you.

Enter brain fade, and instead of the planned 12 IU (or whatever) of insulin, one draws 30 or 50 IU and thinks it correct, on account of being so familiar with that value and just having a moment of thinking wrongly.

Or, sometime in one’s life, just being bone tired post workout and dropping off to sleep and getting only the first meal, not the followups needed after the injection.

Not impossible.

Well said Bill…can I call you Bill :slight_smile:

Sure, of course! :slight_smile:

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