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insulin injections


Suggestions for insulin use for Track and Field athletes. Heard guru Charlie Francis swears by it for peak performance.


I advise you to be very careful here. you are playing with fire. Insulin can kill you. Do you want to know how? well this is how: Your brain uses glucose exclusively for energy unlike other tissues it has no means of storing glucose inside its cells. What insulin does is facilitate glucose transport through the cell membrane. Too much insulin or conversly, not enough food intake can cause hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is so bad because all the sugar in your blood is transported into your body tissues, leaving no glucose to supply the brain. This if not treated quickly can lead to hypoglycemic shock, coma and death. Also if you were to survive, it is quite possible that you would have irreversable brain damage. So knowing from my own experience how draining track workouts can be [I ran university track for a while and my coach was a woman who had been on the Mazda track team and trained with Ben Johnson -(50,60,100,200,110h)] I can definitely tell you that insulin use is risky business. Unless you have medical supervison. I think it is a very foolish idea. It just takes one time where you overestimate the amout of calories you have eaten or over dose your insulin and you're either dead or metally retarded.
Remember when Charlie Francis coached he had a team doctor to supervise this, you probably don't or you wouldn't be asking us for help.


this would be a post-workout injection where calories would be readily available. I heard starting with low injections is safe @2iu and working up to 8-10iu's after intense training, then consuming about 100g carbs and 40-50g protein.

You said there could be a problem if you consume too much carbs?


oops mistake! I meant underestimate!

Just make sure you aways have extra orange juice or some other sugar containig beverage on you, should you ever begin to feel dizzy, lightheaded, diaphoretic (sweating), tremors or confusion, this is what you need to bring your blood sugar back into normal range. I would also recomend you pick up a blood sugar monitoring device like eg.: an ACCUCHECK. P-22


Hey P22, not to jack but how do you feel about slin in between cycles? For bb purposes?


It may be a good idea if you know exactly what you are doing. The consequence of mistakes though can be deadly so be careful and do your 'homework' before attempting such a protocol.


The only problem using insulin in between cycles is the possibility of gaining excess fat. When cycling, your slin will enhance the transport of nutrients, and your gear will enhance the speed at which they are used (ie, increase protein synthesis). Without the gear, those excess calories won't be used as fast and efficiently.

On a personal note, other side effects include tingling of the hands, lips, and/or tongue. Listen to P-22 and ALWAYS ALWAYS keep extra SIMPLE carbs on hand. Honey is a good concentrated source. I always keep honey or a jug of Gatorade on hand. I have yet to use either. I'm not stupid, I have total respect for using such a hormone. This is certainly not the case of "more is better" with insulin. Be wise and good luck.


Yeah that shit scares me too. I've spoken at length with many regarding insulin usage. I have to admit I am very tempted to do it, and probably will someday. But I am still not convinced that 1 I need it. 2 I am smart enough to use it effectively where I neither end up in a coma or end up a fat fuck.
Just my .02


Does anyone have some outlines on how to use insulin for high performance sports (track & field) I am thinking of starting it after my winny cycle and injecting 8IU's everyday (I weigh 195lbs) immediately after training for about 6 weeks. I already know about the precautions but wondering how long can you take it for? How many weeks on, how many off? Are there any downer affects after coming off? Will it hurt my performance if I am competing after using it and not using it while competing?


Dave Palumbo once said that insulin use was GOOD for the pancreas. It gave the pancreas somewhat of a "rest" from it's daily job. It won't however, shutdown any future "job" the pancreas may have.

DON'T start as 8IUs per day. Dude, I'm 249 lbs and 8IUs once scared the HELL outta me. Test out your body's tolerance and needs. With a hormone like this, you will need to experiment and see what your requirements really are. As mentioned before, start off with 2IUs per day after each workout session and go from there. Then add 1IU per day after each session until you find your "comfort" range". DON'T jump into this. You have no idea how your body will react.


I meant that I would get up to 8IU's, 2IU's to start is right


I'm definitely with spook. Slin kinda scares me.


Yep it scares me too.


MassNutrition "On a personal note, other side effects include tingling of the hands, lips, and/or tongue."

I had this happen to me! One ride in the Pisgah forrest fall I had tingling hands and could barely stand, felt sick and could only pedal in the granny ring on a flat! I started the ride with zero food on empty morning stomach. Was going to be 45 minutes but we got lost bad!!

I drank a two litre of juice in 1 min and barfed it all up. wtf.. was i about to die?


ROFL Dude, sorry don't mean to laugh. No you weren't about to die, but you SURE had above-moderate hypoglycemia. Hearing that scares the fuck outta me.

I don't know which Insulin you tried, because some have different onset times. I use Humulin-R, which has an onset time of about 20-30 minutes, and to me, is a little bit easier to control than others (considering it leaves the body in about 7 or 8 hours). No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I stop, and down a simple carb drink about 25 minutes after my injection.

You said your ride was about 45 minutes, and you got LOST ontop of that ROFL. Man, if you used the "R" slin like me, then you were about 20-25 minutes too late with your carbs. You need to be more careful.

Oh, and BTW, I bet your speak was slurred too ROFL. Dude, be careful!