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Insulin Injections

Through my research, I found out that injection sites should be rotated regularly. This is to prevent localized buildup of subcutaneous fat because of the lipogenic properties of Insulin.

My question is, where and how can I inject WITHOUT entering any muscle tissue. My first idea was to poke the abs (easier to pinch a skin fold there), but I do not want any fat development there.

I’m looking for responses from those with EXPERIENCE, not opinions. I value and respect how very powerful this hormone is, so I’m looking for concrete advice here.

glutes to start. I know dibetics who do shots in their shoulders, so that is a possibility. If you dont hit your stomach to much, you should be fine.

O.K Mass I think I am the most experienced guy in this department here, since I give these injections to actual patients in the hospital. What we do in the hospital is keep track of where the last subcu injection went. There is a diagram of the human body it shows the abdoment and the arms - this is where we inject. its easiest to stick to the abdomen. just pinch a fold of skin and while still pinching inject at a 30-60 degree angle into the fold. (don’t forget to swab with alchohol). Release the fold and inject, pull out and your done. Map your abdomen like a clock with the naval as the centre- (stay at least 1 inch away from the naval on all sides). so if you injected last time at 12 o’clock next time you could do 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever, just make a note of where you injected last and give that site ample rest. In the hospital we also use the backs of people’s arms to inject, but since you are a body builder, I doubt you would be able to pinch any skin on the back of your arm.

The key is you have to be able to pinch up some skin, and always go into the tissue at an angle.