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Insulin Index

I was reading the interview between Mr. John Berardi and Rob Wilkins, i note that he mentions about the insulin index of foods and that half of your meals should come from low insulin index foods and the other have from high. Now i did a search on this and found that some foods i have been avoiding were relativley low on this insulin index scale. Just to name a few are pasta(brown or white), apples, oranges, al bran, potato chips, popcorn. and others. All of these were in the 60% and below range. Does this mean that during the low insulin part of the day I can eat these foods? your help is greatly appreciated.

You have to ask yourself why those foods are in the low insulin index range. In the case of fruit there’s still a lot of debate on the benefits/drawbacks of fructose but it’s probably ok in moderation… but when you start talking about things like potato chips and ice cream the only reason the insulin index would be low is due to the extremely high fat content…and high fat mixed with high carbs is a big no no on the massive eating plan.

Kelly I think u have Insulin index confused with glucose index. Fat should be making a bigger insulin response of food but a smaller amount of glucose in the blood.

Anyone Else?

Ok then guys i guess u have no advice for me!