insulin index

Wondering exactly or about how many grams of high GI carbs does it take to raise insulin? As a track athlete, sprinter, I am always trying to keep my blood levels below 100, but it’s hard to avoid not bitting into two oreos here and there, so if anyone knows how many carbs does it take to get an insulin spike going?

Tough to pin down - depends on many factors including the last time you ate and what that meal consisted of, the type of High GI carb as all high GI carbs still have different GI and insulin index properties, and lastly your individual bodies insulin response - will vary from individual to individual. Also, I generally eat by the glycemic index but I’ve read some studies that are developing an “insulin index” of foods and though GI will approximately track the insulin index, there are exceptions I’ve seen of foods tested to date where the insulin index can be either higher or lower than you’ed expect as compared to corresponding GI. Of course these foods are the exception rather than the rule but some researchers are pushing the insulin index as the glycemic index does have some pit falls.

There is no magic number; the lower the amount of carbs, the lower the insulin response…and vice versa.