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insulin index/suggestion

After reading the article and some more stuff on the web I’ve got some doubts:Yoghurt has a very high insulin index and low GI,so is it to avoid when cutting?Fruits like apples and oranges have lowerGI than II making them more insulinogenic than pasta!So could I use it as a carb choice when cutting?Could someone make a good low insulinogenic breakfast with 50g carbs and 40 g proteins?
Is II reliable?would you use it rather than GI?
What’s your experience with low GI foods that “perform” badly on II(Yoghurt,fish,apples…)?
Thanks for your help

Though it’s true that yogurt has a higher insulin index than glycemic index, if you look closely, you will see that yogurt still has a lower insulin index than most other carbs. You still have to use it as a comparison to other foods, and compared to other foods, the insulin index isn’t bad. They thing about yogurt is that it isn’t a good carb choice for muscle glycogen replenishment.