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Insulin Index Comparison



I found it interesting brown pasta has the same insulin index as white pasta.
The results could be very relevant for people seeking body recomposition through insulin sensitivity.

I go to the SUGiRS every weekday morning as part of company testing of food products, so i've actually seen the set up.


Wow, oatmeal has the same score as white pasta :o


I'd appreciate someone with extensive nutrition education to give us a better way to interpret these results. Especially because beans have reasonably high level, but I know they have very slow release.


It's not that hard to understand...
equal amounts of carbohydrates always results in equal amounts of insulin release, the source is not important in this regard.
The only thing that would change (when eaten in isolation) would be the speed of entry and exit.
Slow release does not mean the Total AUC (area under the curve) is reduced. Just means that the curve is wider and flatter for beans than sugar.