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Insulin, How It Works?

It can normalize a cycle if it has been shorter. But for you, hard to guess. Yes, it can delay your period as it is the drop in progesterone that triggers that. If you are using progesterone and stop taking it later in your cycle, your period can come earlier or there might be some break-through bleeding. You will find out how all of this plays out for you. You can start taking it now. Some women take it only during the later part of their cycle to reduce cramps etc. However, that misses the benefit of having a thinner endometrium to shed. And for some, they really need to thin out the endometrium as it may be thickened from low levels of progesterone and estrogen dominance. Again, with ultra sound, my wife’s uterus was at the size of 10 weeks pregnancy. That was found during a ultrasound looking for the signs of discomfort that were presumed to be ovarian cysts. Note that progesterone also can resolve that too.

If you have a state of estrogen dominance that is contributing to your body fat or inability to reduce that, progesterone might be helpful in that regard.

Most cycling women stop when their period starts. If you do not, I guess that one could have a longer indicative period, but that is my technical guess. It might be better to get the bloody thing over with… -pardon my male humour.

One week off seems reasonable. If you get good results, you can then try two weeks off and decide what works best from there. Remember that it seems to take 2 cycles to get the result of an introduction and perhaps that long for a change. After all of my experience is second hand.

If you are noticing a drop in libido, try taking less or introducing after ovulating so your testosterone rise is not inhibited. Why would that occur? Because progesterone is a negative feedback signal for your HPOA; not at potent as estrogens. Yes your progesterone levels when you were younger may have been greater that you will achieve with progesterone cream. But the same triggers to make that progesterone also triggered E&T.

And as I pointed out, some women apply progesterone cream to their breasts to deal with breast aches/pains. To what degree that improves things over systemic delivery is not really known. But over a number of cycles, you can try it one way or another and see if there is any benefit for you.


I have done some hormone blood test, could you please evaluate it? Just to reminde, Im female 33, the test were done on my 19 DAY of my cycle. Im on 150mcg synthroid and 12.5mg cytomel also 1250mg Metformin. I also started PROGESTERONE cream on my 1st day of cycle.

TSH 0.006 normal range 0.450-4.5
Thyroxine T4 10.2 normal range 4.5-12
T3Uptake 35 normal range 24-39
Free T4 3.6 normal range 1.2-4.9

Testosterone serum 33 ng/dl normal 8-48

LH 9.2 mIU/ml
follicular phase 2.4-12.6
ovulation 4.7-21.5
luteal phase 1.0-7.7
postmenopausal 7.7-58.5

FSH serum 7.1 mIU/ml
follicular phase 3.5-12.5
ovulation 4.7-21.5
luteal phase 1.7-7.7

ESTRADIOL 183.3 pg/ml
follicular 12.5-166
ovulation 85.8-498
luteal 43.8-211

follicular 0.2-1.5
luteal 1.7-27.0
ovulation 0.8-3

Progesterone should be highest when you did the lab work. The range is 1.7-27. You are at 1/3rd of the upper limit. So there is plenty of room to increase progesterone by supplementing.

With the progesterone cream: Any observations so far concerning mood, sleeping or your prior concerns. You could ramp up progesterone starting at time of ovulation.

What are your body temperatures like? I created a new sticky: “thyroid basics”

TSH=0, so your hypothalamus thinks that you gave enough thyroid medication. Your fT4=3.6 might be a little bit high, but that would be expected to be favourable for weight loss.

Your testosterone looks good/strong and makes sense with your high normal LH and FSH.

Thanks KSman,

I have started progesterone cream 5th day on my cycle, taking it every day usually in PM, half inch amount. So far sleeping seems better, no problem. As far as mood, sometimes Im lil irritated. My breast are also sensitive, fuller and tender… im now 22 day of cycle… maybe PMS?

Thyroid has been always mystery… no matter what dosage… TSH very low. Weight has been issue too…even if Im in upper range… not losing… I actually gained during the period time.

Do you think I shuld increase the progesterone cream? How much? Is it better suplemment once a day or twice?

thank you

Im gona look up “thyroid basis”

You can double up the P, a bit late for this cycle. You should be able to beat the tenderness, hopefully with KAL. But if you see really good progress but think that you need more, you could get Rx 10-15% compounded.

Applying twice a day is good, if you are OK with the burden of doing that.

I have question. How does glucose and insulin works together? For a weight loss is beneficial to have lower or higher insulin level? Im asking, because I was diagnosed as insulin resistant and put on 1000mg Metformin. As you can see from prev. posts I can not drop the pound. Can someone explain me this? If my glucose is in the perfect range why is this? What possibly could prevent this? Insulin? How these antidiabetic drugs works? If excess level of insulin cause weight gain so why than people suplemment with it?
Im female 33, 5’6" 135lb
thank you

With insulin resistance, insulin is release to address glucose peaks, but the cells are ignoring the signal. The feeding response insulin levels are higher and longer duration and lean cells are not taking up the glucose so the peak glucose is higher and longer. At some point the higher insulin levels get the job done but that progresses past that point. My reading/memory on these things is getting is getting a bit foggy at this point. I think that fat cells are then mopping up the glucose and you can hum the rest of that tune.

Young men on steroids can drive glucose into their large muscle mass to help with training response. And insulin is anabolic. They do not have insulin resistance. If they inject too much insulin its coma and death.

If is not the insulin levels that are the problem, its what the higher levels of insulin say about what else is wrong.

There is thinking that some of the lost effect of insulin and insulin receptors is in part a problem with cell wall permeability. That leads to discussions of adequate healthy fats and EFA’s such as fish oils, nut and flax seed meal and oils.

Mitochondrial are the basis of your metabolic rate. If there is a problem there, then the cells will be ‘fed-up’ and do not want more carbs and lipids to burn. That may be part of the insulin resistance. So we get back to CoQ10-Ubiquinol, anti-oxidants, EFA’s, r-Lipoic acid and other things that support Mitochondrial function.

Glucose is a major energy source. If all cells feed on whatever amount they want, the serum levels will drop and the brain dies. The consumption of glucose in many cells is permission based. The permission is insulin. When a meal releases lots of glucose, insulin is released to have the insulin sensitive cells take up the excess. If glucose levels are high, then glycoproteins are created that result in detrimental structures. The body trys to clean these up but gets overwhelmed with poorly managed diabetic states, or old age. So high levels of glucose are toxic over a long period of time.

You can look for things that improve your metabolic rate.

thank you, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: