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Insulin/ HGH for Strength/Bulk Cycle


I am planning on using insulin and hgh with the help of a former pro-bodybuilder/powerlifter

I have decided to use HUMALOG (fast acting insulin) to avoid the hassle of being on for longer durations with slower acting insulins.

1.) Blood Sugar Meter
2.) Glucagon Pen
3.) Will start out with very small doses and move up slowly. ( 2 to 3 IU daily leading to 6 IU)
or when I see significant results.
4.) 200 grams of glucose (dextrose) after every dose.
5.) two buddies of mine who are paramedics work out at the same time I do and will also know the details of my cycle.

bodyweight: 221
height: 5'6
years training: 10 or more

I have not decided to use aas because it could be overkill and if I do, probably just some TEST.

Would like to here from Brook, Bill Roberts, Bushido Badboy, people whose opinions I respect.


what is your goal(s)?


I can bench 500 X 1 raw , I want to use said cycle to increase reps in 10 to 12 range and improve my squat and deadlift for powerlifitng.


Bench Shirt- 765 with Super Duper Phenom
Squat Suit- 900 with Ace Pro Squatter
Deadlift Suit- 765 with Metal King Pro Deadlifter


I really can't help you at all when it comes to insulin or hGH but can you explain why you'd like to use those drugs instead of AAS? Are you trying competing in tested competitions? I don't really have an opinion on peptide use and the integrity of the sport yada yada whatever, I'm just curious why you'd rather use those drugs instead of the more traditional 'strength drugs'.


Experience, I have seen guys who use insulin turn into monsters before my eyes.
The more experienced lifters (Ex-pros) have shared their training logs with me before and after insulin use and the numbers skyrocket.
I once believed that insulin and hgh was for bodybuilders only, till I witnessed the massive strength gains on cycle and the success of other powerlifters.


I assume the 'trainer' train clients professionally now? If not then be aware that just because someone gets to IFBB/NPC Pro level, it doesn't mean they are 'qualified' to train others - by qualified i don't mean they have papers. Knowing what works for you differs from training others DRASTICALLY.. just so you know and can make the relevant adjustments to your plan.

You say 200g of Dextrose after each shot - this is between 100g/IU and 33g/IU.
The highest most use is 15g/IU and most find that is far too much to offset excess fat gain - with most opting for 10g/iu and many even less (including myself).

Shit - without Insulin, 200g of Dextrose would negate the need for exogenous Insulin injections anyway! Haharr!

Plus you only seem to have the first (particularly mild) peak of Humalog accounted for - what about the others dude?

Did the 'trainer' advise you to do this? (A thought just occurred to me - this Pro who is training you - how old are they? Did they miss the whole Slin era? Shit.. did they miss the GH era?!)

As for not using AAS with the Slin as it is 'overkill' - i am struggling to understand you here. Overkill?

Firstly slin without AAS WILL induce more fat gain than muscle (add in 200g CHO and BOOM! Type II here we come!).
Secondly how can AAS be overkill when you are injecting Insulin? Kinda backwards thinking there i think.

None of my post is advice to you in your cycle, it is merely information to point out mistakes that are about to be made - i can not advise you as i know SFA about you. Bear that in mind if you continue to do this with changes made due to this post.



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Run AAS with it.

If you want to play with insulin fine, but run juice with it. It makes it incredibly more effective. And if your trying to gain anything, strength, size, etc. Run juice.

If your going to all the trouble of trying to use insulin to gain strength than just run a gram or so of test and some tren, throw in a little dbol if you feel like it and away you go.

Insulin is a monster hormorne, this is true, but why would you want to limit your gains ?

Your current proposed cycle is going to net you a lot of fat gain.


I was thinking that, how are you not asleep ???

Of your weight if you had to haphazard a guess where would you place your % bodyfat ?

Of all things to kickstart with, you have chosen the most dangerous IMO, i know you said you have seen people blow up, but theres another side to that coin to !

An ex mate of mine put himself in a coma from using Slin lucky he woke up, this is NOT something i think ANYONE here would reccomend for your 1st "drug" use, its far to dangerous.

Just my 2c


A lof of pros doens't know much about drugs anyways. They often rely on other professional "gurus" for cycle advise. Is this ex pro BB Milos or anywhere close to that level (of knowleddge)? Is he charging you money for his advice? I think IGF-1 is a better choice compared to insulin, if you want to stay AAS free.


agree on all points, for me 5g/iu was always plenty, and in all actuality i never had any problems using 5 iu pre workout and just chasing it with 60 grams of straight protein and 5 grams of creatine, but to be on the safe side like brook said 10grams/iu is the general rule and is definetley adequate. Also as stated above i have worked with alot of pro powerlifters that were so freaking clueless it was frightening.

the glaring point that tells me (and others) that your "pro" is not so sharp is the flat recommendation of 200grams of carbs. that would be about right for 20 iu of humalog. he should have stated it in "x" number of grams per iu if he had any idea of proper usage. "x" generally being 10 to start with, then poeple will generally titrate downward in terms of grams/iu


Time to start answering these questions.


The "trainer" is a steroid guru, he has competed at the Mr. Olympia and has helped many local bodybuilders get their procard. He is not charging me a dime, I had to go ask him if he would show me the proper way of doing a slin cycle. His first response was no, I asked him again, and he agreed if only because of the potential of me succeeding in my sport.

That is why I posted this topic, because I meet up with him tomorrow, shit I mean go to class in insulin 101, :slightly_smiling: He is going to fill in the holes in knowledge for me, plus will personally oversee my cycle.

He competed from 1996 - 2003, he had to stop because the amount of gear had become too much for him, plus his wife has placed in the top three in Ms. Olympia contest, also trained by him.

I said," I would probably use TEST only", but since I am introducing a new variable to the experiment, I am hesistant to add more to mix just to see how my body handles the slin.

Fat Gain, lol dude, my workouts leave me drained, shit at these weights combined with powerlifting gear, you burn calories like a mother fucker.
Overkill, was a stupid word to use, explained this above.

P.S. I will post my cycle revised by my guru, this thursday, see what you guys think after that.
His first reason for not showing me was, exact words "you could die"
second reason you could die
third reason you could die or become diabetic
He spent two hours teling me I should stick with aas and hgh before he agreed to show me only if I promise to never use slin without his supervision.


If he told you to use AAS and GH and everyone here said to use those before you try insulin, don't you think there's some merit to the idea? If yo plan to do things backwards just to be different/cool I think you are making a mistake.


He is doing it because he mistakenly thinks he NEEDS to in order to get as big and strong as he 1) wants to and 2) has seen his peers get.

He doesn't even consider that he could wait - which is the advice of all here AND the IFBB Olympia level Pro who trains for a living yet is training him for free.

Anyway.. IMO you didn't answer all the questions..

-Have you use AAS before? How many times? What?
-How came up with the 200g Dextrose protocol? Cause if i was about to be advised by a 'guru' then i wouldn't be trying to make my own protocol with a clear lack of knowledge - so that would suggest he wrote it. But it isn't how you use CHO with Slin.. so what gives?

You say you cannot gain fat (or seem to be suggesting that) due to the workouts you do. Firstly you should know there are trainees here who lift numbers like yours too, and there are also trainers here who not only know how to train strength sports but the intricacies of Insulin - endo or exo.
Secondly, Insulin in your body will NOT allow fat burning or lipolysis from ANY workout, lift or movement. Ever. It is ABSOLUTELY anti-catabolic. Thats to muscle AND fat.

If you think your sessions will save you then you are mistaken.

You also didn't approach the 200g CHO dose and what you think that does in the body after ingestion or why it is so high?

You clearly have done very little to no prior reading on the peptide - doncha think you should? EVEN if being trained by someone?

You should be careful, you seem very sure of yourself because someone is willing to train you - you should educate yourself as to the effects these hormones can have on your body. It is your body, not his.