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Insulin, Growth, Test


I've ran this combo multiple times and am eating to hear how other people run there's. I usually run 2iu hgh upon waking and run 8iu slin post workout I keep my test between 750-1000mg/week (have ran each dose for separate cycles). I'm open to other suggestions.

If you're going to post comments about how gear is bad or slin will kill you or be a f'in nancy then don't bother posting. Serious people only


I run 5iu hgh middle of the night when i wake up to pee. When i use slin, i do 3 weeks on -3 weeks off. i do 10iu (fast acting) in the AM and immediately post workout.


I have ran hgh in the AM and PM. I noticed more leaning effects in the AM than PM. What did you see when you ran it in the middle of a sleep cycle? When I ran it PM I seemed to sleep like a rock and noticed to gain more muscle mass.


4iu hyges first thing in the AM

10iu Humalog pre-workout


you arent going to see muscle gains from that low of dose of hgh. hgh doesnt work like steroids. in conjunction with aas and insulin, there is a synergistic effect. But you wont see any extra muscle mass dosing 2iu in the morning versus at night. That was just in your head. not to mention you would need to run it for MONTHS before really noticing anything at all. the reason i dose middle of the night is because im not eating anywhere near those times. hgh will blunt your insulin response and you shouldnt eat near an injection


awesome. bet you get some sick ass pumps. im too chicken shit to dose pre workout and have to worry about going hypo mid lift. My workouts are typically 2 hrs as well, so id really need to dose mid workout to take advantage of peak time for post workout meal.