Insulin Diary by Hank

Hey guys,
Decided to start a new topic, instead of just continuing my Summer Blast and Coming Off 2 Years of Tren cuz this would be a whole another topic and might be of interest to some people.
I will still be updating that topic about how and IF if feel something different since i have been off any anabolics other than test.
For now i am on 400mg of test only, which is the smallest amount of stuff i have been on for like 10 years and feeling fine. Also 2iu GH in the morning.
As many of you know, i wanted to lower my AAS use as much as possible but i still have huge goals, so i was interested in a fact that low dose of AAS, GH and Slin would provide same gains as just mega-dosing AAS.

Anyways, for now i am cutting - i am down from 260 to 248 on just test and GH.
Yesterday i got my slin and after watching hours and hours of stuff about slin, today i started it.
I ate my breakfast which had 80 carbs and 60 protein, did my rapid slin of 5iu and went to the gym. While working out i drank an energy drink of 60 more carbs. After the gym i did a post workout shot of 5iu and ate some sammiches of 60g of carbs and 30g of protein.
The rest of the day would be normal and EOD is fasted cardio day with no slin.
I will be playing with finding the dose on slin and updating IF i see any results. Also,after my cut is done(i plan on dropping down to around 237 so that when i eat over the deficit i bloat up and maintain around 242 and bulk slowly from that) and if slin does something i will be dropping test to 0,5ml E3D which will add up to 290(yes yes, its not really 250, but conveniece and OCD and stuff).

I got my slin protocol idea from Milos Sarcev as he is a leading expert on it. I was listening for hours him debating Palumbo as they have different views. Palumbo makes more sense but Sarcev has been able to produce better results with his stuff that makes less sense. Palumbo is more about post workout, but Milos is about pre-workout with intra carbs, and also post. So im doing pre and post as i always drink energy drinks while i work out anyways.
The risk of doing slin pre-workout is supposed to be that you can burn up your carbs and go hypo… Didnt go hypo today and didnt really feel shit. Will stay on 5+5 for a week to see if i feel anything and if no, i will up it to 6+6 and then 7+7 etc, if needed.


This is interesting. How did you calc your 5iu? I really don’t know that much about slin but my understanding is the dossage taken should be based off the grams of card ingested?? I caught a Podcast with Broderick Chavez where he talks a little about slin and HGH. Not super in depth but interesting. I’ll be following this.

It should be calculated based on how you feel. Some need more, some less. Most common is 1iu per 10g of carbs, but i am on a cut. So people usually start with less as goal is not to grow but just shuttle stuff a bit more efficient into the muscles. I am very flat after a month of 2000kcal deficit so im hoping to just get a bit fuller. 5-6ius is just a common safe start dose if moderate use is a goal. I think its much too little for me but better safe than hypo :smiley:


Good luck. Will be interesting to see how this evolves. Keep the updates coming.

Since its your first time on Slin its understandable as to why you are unsure of how powerful it is. The 1 and only time I used it, I fucking blew up. Like literally before my eyes. It was during lockdown so maybe all the rest helped too.


Can you, please, tell more? What protocol you did, how much iu’s and carbs? At least a bit more insight.

Yes, well, all my life i have been under-responder on everything. I sucked at school, sucked at sports. Then i tried music and turned out after 10 years of practice i have no musical hearing. Then i started to go to gym - creatine didnt do shit, my first cycles didnt do shit. Many drugs i have tried like CBD - dont do shit.
My natural IGF is 70… on HGH its 140 at best. Yes, its double my natural but its still not even in the middle of what many people have naturally.
I am 32 now and i have never in my life tried anything that actually WORKS like really good in a way that matters.
So yea, slin is basically last frontier, haha. It will either work, or i will just throw it in a box of “meh” with absolutelly everything i have done in my life :smiley:

Now brother, now we all know that isn’t quite true. You’re big and ripped just based on your profile pic.


I feel the same way as Hank. I think it is seeing some guys gain “25 lbs” from a first cycle. I think there is so much hype around steroids, that when someone who is already developed, and not willing to put on 15-20 lbs of fat uses them, they are let down, unless using a lot.


i am around 220lbs in that pic… also - its just leaness and good lights. And it took me around 12 years to get there, living that lifestyle and abusing the shit out of everything… anyone with just a bit more knowledge and better genetics could get there in 3 years…

yep… story of my life… nothing i ever used actually kicked like it should have based on stories… most of the shit i took i didnt even really notice.
thats why i hope that i will be on test only for a while and maybe next year i will play with blasting just more test for a while, or adding smth to actually maybe notice the difference…

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Ok, so lil update.

Strenght is lower than ever. I am on lowest test i have been in 10 years and i am also the weakest i have been in YEARS. What used to be my 9 reps is now a grindy 3 reps, so thats whats up for my cruise.
But there is a good part also.
I am actually looking big, and looking leaner by the day. Especially at the gym, when im done, i look better than ever - not lean enough to look good without pump but im definetly NOT losing any size.
I am doing 10iu of slin pre and post, together with just clean meals of 80g carbs and 75g protein. And im drinking 1 monster drink(60g carbs) intra workout, together with a chake of bcaa, eaa, creatine and glutamine. Not sure if that intra shake is needed but since im doing slin how Miloš Šarčev recomends, im also doing that intra workout drink bullshit just in case it actually does something.

I am in a caloric deficit mostly, except for - around workouts…
I am going hypo around 2,5-3 hours of my post workout injection of slin, even tho i eat alot pre and post. But its nothing crazy - im just getting hungry and sweatty 2,5 hours after my post workout meals, but i just eat a clean meal at that point again and i am fine - no need for sugars or shit, i just get my potatoes and chickenbreast in and im fine.

EOD is cardio day with no slin, but 4iu of GH in the morning instead. I also fast till at leats 5PM on these days. Cardio capacity and ability is improving. I am doing 40min stairs on decent levels and i also started doing bike and work on improving resistance for 20min period.

Whats interesting is that my strenght is just dropping like crazy but my ability for 12-15 reps of 4 sets is slowly increasing to almost every exercise, almost every training session.

TLDR - getting leaner, looking big when taking slin, not losing any size, weak as shit but 12-15 rep range stuff is improving every training session.


My regress pic is on my other topic about me quiting boatloads of steroids.

IGF-1 doesnt seem to be budging even when using insulin.
Will try to add 10mg of MK677 at night to see if that changes anything. Got my bloodwork done today and i will be able to compare MK677 with GH. If everything goes well i might switch GH for MK, but bloodwork in around 2 weeks will tell.

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What’s your test dose at? Apologies if I’ve missed it above.

How do you feel mentally?


Im doing 10iu pre workout and did 10iu post, but will try 8iu post as i am going a bit hypo like 3 hours after post workout meal. What were your doses when you did it?

Luv your thread Hank. If strength is your only goal it seem like you are going in the wrong direction. I enjoy reading that you are leaner and looking and feeling better than ever. Can’t wait to see your next bloods and future reports. Thank you being a part of this forum you bring a lot to this group.

Yes, i guess thats what going from higher doses of steroids to lower ones kind of does to you. But i will be testing my training maxes next week and after that i will know how to program my training, and then 3 weeks from that i will be able to tell if i am progressing slowly strenght wise anyways.


Can’t wait for your next report.
Your tapering down from a high level of T plus aas indulgences has many of us interested in your progress. You have many followers my friend whether they are posting or not and we are all wishing you well in your new experiment.


Adding 20mg MK at night boosted my IGF by 60 points so now its around mid-range of normal. Not sure if taking MK for such small increase is worth tho. Maybe i could just drop the GH and stay on MK to save some money - will think about that.
Insulin is working good - i have exactly same biceps size now, that i had when i was 260lbs but now im 250lbs with some shade of abs. I am definetly growing on this cruise.
I started testing my training maxes week ago and this week i am continuing to do so. Yesterday i did increase the weight on the bench but i also did 1 rep more. This is the first sign of a strenght increase since i went on a cruise.
Still too soon to tell as i have only done less than a month on insulin(doing it EOD) - so its about 10-12 days i have taken it, but i do have a good feeling about this.working out well. Will probably give the MK to my gf and look into some IGF peptides.
Bte can anyone comment on sides of peptides? Are they as bad as AAS?

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Woke up 260lbs and 17.9 inch biceps… Biggest arm i have ever had in my life. My weight slowly comes back up, but even tho yes - i am fat as shit, i am less fat than i was on my last bulk at this weight. I have fight shorts that i couldnt get on at this weight 6 months ago, but now they fit ok-ish. I really want to believe i am gaining some muscle, lol…
Not taking MK anymore and lowered the dose of GH.
250mg test wk, injecting ED. 3iu of GH EOD before fasted cardio. 10-12iu of slin pre-workout and 8-10iu of slin after the workout.
Gym days(with insulin) are one day on, one day off. Fasted days(not eating till at least 4pm) and cardio, with 3iu of GH upon waking up are in the days between.

Pics are not good, light sucks. No pump - just woke up and took 2 pics.
Being so heavy and still having at least some shade of abs made me happy.
Arms look stupid small even tho the measuring tape shows they grow…

Still ridicilously weak compared to how strong i was when i took tren and was 30lbs lighter. I believe my strenght levels have stabilized and i will be able to see how my strenght progresses now, because up until this week i only got weaker on the big 4. The 3x12 exercises do progress tho. Its funny as it seems that i am getting better at hypertrophy exercises but not much on the strenght ones. But its ok - technically this is a cruise, so whatever i can improve i am happy. If i can at least gain wothless size while on a cruise, ill take it. Anything is better than nothing.
I will update my training log in 6 weeks when i finish my first 2 cycles of 531 with new and tested training maxes.


You consider that fat?

You’re like 16% BF… 17% max… That’s still considered lean

Average guy is like 23-25%

Yes, this is definetly fat for ME… And i believe i am 20%+
This is when i woke up, and just drink a bit coffee… I need to eat like 1 potatoe chip and i turn into Homer Simpson for the rest of the day, lol.

Sometimes i wanna cry when i look at my old photos :smiley:
The only thing that calms me is that my GF says she likes this better than me being as lean as i was before.

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