Insulin and Weak Bodypart Training

Hey all.
Id like to know if anyone has done this before or if anyone can point me in the right direction with some advice.
Ive been running insulin for around 6 months now and ive had great benefits from it so far, I find it a 2nd to none chemical! I am currently in the last 8-10 week phase before I start prep for my next show and my weak body parts are my hamstrings and calves. Both have been making a little progress but I am wondering weather or not to up my insulin dose on my hamstring and calf day?

At the moment i run 6ius post workout, my adviser from my gym told me not to get too greedy with the drug as it could risk bloating my stomach. I had thought of running anything from 8-10ius after my hamstring and calf workout to maximize growth as my nutrition is steady and my training is steady I thought this may help me add that much needed size to completely balance my physique out.

I will keep 6ius for every other workout day as I do not want to be greedy for gains ALL the time.
If anyone has tried and tested this theory id like to hear your results or maybe some advice you could give me. Thank you all