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Insulin and Metfornin

I had a couple of thoughts on insulin after reading a resurrected thread on Metformin. Wouldn’t the increase in SHBG be caused by loweing of insulin. Insulin resistant guys probably have a lot of insulin running around lowering SHBG, and increasing glycemic control would lower circulating insulin and raise SHBG back to normal. Does this sound right?

Also I read that Bushidobadboy thought he was getting insulin resistant from 6-8 iu post workout only? How many days per week? That sounds unlikely, but maybe you are suceptable to intra-abdominal fat? Did you test fasting glucose levels?

How many guys do test glucose levels while on insulin to make sure you aren’t going to far either way or aren’t getting insulin resistant? It seems like a given but I don’t read about many people doing it. Personally, recently I have done 30iu/training day,10iu first day off, nothing second day off, repeat, training every third day and tested religiously.

The cycle ran about a month and morning fasting glucose was always around 102. It never seemed to go up. No fat was gained either using only Test Suspension alongside. Previously I ran 20iu every day for two weeks with nothing else(peptide or AAS),and tested glucose was fine. There was some midsection bloat but it went way within a week of discontinuance so I don’t think it was fat gain.