John Berardi, have you seen any more test results from Pinnacle Insulene? I know you had mentioned you where testing this and would keep us posted.

There is a web site that discusses this. In compliance with the tmag no web address rule, I will tell you that to find it you need to go to the manufacturer of the product’s web site and then link up with their news letter. There are several articles on it. And the results look pretty good.

JB, got two questions… First of all, how do you feel this product stacks up against Atkins Blood Sugar? That’s what I’ve been taking for a while now to increase my insulin sensitivity high. Also, out of curiosity, what the fuck is “3-0-Mthyl-1,2,4 cis-3,5,6, trans, hexahydroxycyclohexane”? I saw this ingredient listed in Insulene so I looked up hexahydroxycyclohexane… as far as I can figure, it’s the chemical name for inositol, which is… a B vitamin. Is that right? If so, that’s pretty lame of them to give it a nice, long, scientific-sounding name just to dupe people.

Thanks John, but the Virtual Muscle newsletter seems a bit hyped up and biased . . . I was wondering how the Kent State studies are going…

The writers for VM are the researchers doing the studies.