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Insulene and Vandyl sulfate

It seems as if these two supplements do the same thing, is one beneficial over the other one?

Also would it be good to stack these while on a cycle of mag 10 or androsol?

That’s a good question. One thing you have to realize is that Vandyl becomes toxic if you take it over long periods of time…it’s best to cycle it 2-weeks on/2-weeks off. Including them both with your pre and post workout SURGE certainly can’t hurt; and I’m assuming that they would increase the benefits of the product. Vandyl gave me some killer pumps when I was taking it, and now that you mention this stack; I think I’m going to give it a whirl.

Having said that, I think it would also be a good stack to include in a cutting cycle (greater insulin sensitivity, increased glycogen stores).

I will be including it with SURGE, most def.

Isn’t Phytin (Phytic Acid) by Sopharma similar to Vanadyl Sulfate? I thought I read somewhere that it is actually better than Vanadyl.