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Insufflation (Snorting) Dbol - Trip Report

Background: I am using 99% pure dbol powder purchased directly from a Chinese chemical company at a low 7mg dose once in the early AM - around 8:30am - 9:30am as HRT since my Testosterone is half normal (I’m 35 and was tested three weeks ago at 340 ng/dl when my level should be around 650 ng/dl). At the three-week mark - dosing started August 7th, 2013 - Dbol alone has successfully reversed all the nasty physical and mental effects of low Testosterone. Symptoms which have been building for close to two decades. For a detailed explanation see the thread here:

Low Testosterone, Still in Range

First, the reasons I tried this route of administration this morning:

  1. Speed. In order to minimize the suppression of my remaining natural Testosterone production, I take a single small dose of 7mg measured on an accurate 1mg digital scale each morning. However, I have to hurry each morning to get the dose in so it overlaps with my natural Testosterone spike to minimize suppression. So far this is working well but I choose not to eat any food for the first two hours to speed absorption. This means low blood sugar and symptoms since my body is so lean that I have no reserves. The idea behind insufflation is that direct absorption through the nasal and sinus mucosa should be far faster than slow digestion. Normally the strong physical effects from ingestion manifest in one hour - body warmth, sweaty palms and strong physical energy.

  2. Hepatotoxicity Reduction. Ingestion results in a bit of liver damage as the molecule is absorbed into the portal circulation and undergoes first-pass hepatic metabolism before it can enter the bloodstream. Direct absorption into the bloodstream bypasses first-pass metabolism - at least with the tiny 7mg dose split in half between nostrils, the amount is so tiny that the mucosa absorb at least 80% with the rest dripping down into the stomach. This decreases liver damage significantly.

  3. Needle not required. I hate needles and will never use them. Injection is physically damaging to the body, painful, and brings the daily risk of infection, sterile abscess and the illegal possession of a hypodermic needle. All things I won’t tolerate. Insufflation delivers molecules with a speed and absorption efficiency which can only be beat by two other methods: injection and inhalation - vaporization or smoking.

  4. Different effects. The possibility that negative effects might be minimized and positive effects maximized due to different absorption and conversion. Intestinal cells have a high expression of the Aromatase enzyme and so ingestion results in a very different physical and psychoactive effects than direct methods such as injection.

This morning at about 9:36am I scaled out the usual three microscoops [eBay sale & pic for scoop size reference: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171054265557 until my scale - the Horizon PRO-20B: http://www.ebay.com/itm/220862213004 - read 7mg into the tiny polymer shot-glass I’ve been using these past three weeks.

This time was different because I had my trusty plastic straw dug up from the basement storage.

With a bit of trepidation and worry about pain, I carefully insufflated half the dbol up one nostril and half up the other at exactly 9:41am.

The feeling of this pure powder up the nose is nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. Like breathing air. There is no feeling of pain, no burning at all. I could not tell that I had taken anything. After five minutes a very slight just barely noticeable taste of the usual Aspirin-like flavor but smelled inside the nose instead of tasted on the tongue. Nothing annoying or distracting at all.

At 9:51am - only ten minutes later - I noted a distinct and strong psychoactive effect: a fast mental clarity and sharpness which I had normally observed about an hour after ingestion these last three weeks of oral dosing. I must emphasize: FAST, very very quickly and very very clearly.

Strangely, the very mild positive almost euphoric feeling that occurs about an hour after oral ingestion did not occur. Instead, after another twenty minutes of what I presume was further absorption I felt the strangest mental effect of all the psychoactive substances I’ve ever tried. My historical experiences with psychoactives include DXM, LSD, MXE, Cannabis, 5F-AKB48, 5F-PB22, Nicotine, Piracetam, Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Noopept, Morphine (once in hospital), Codeine (six oral doses in hospital after appendectomy surgery a few years ago), an unknown Benzoziazepine (a single dose in hospital pre-surgery), Sunifiram and Nefiracetam.

This effect was mild but totally unique. It’s so unique that it must be experienced. It came with a tiny bit of dizziness and a strong buzzy feeling in my legs.

Between this time and the time when main effects started I noticed another distinct and exaggerated psychoactive effect - one far stronger but similar to the effects I have noticed after ingestion: a strong and total mental ‘silence’ of thought combined with a strong visual sharpness and clarity.

The main body effects still took one hour to manifest - the warm sweaty palms, internal furnace-like heat and physical energy along with the usual very, very mild positive mental effects.

The most amazing thing is that after one hour these main effects manifested - and increased in intensity - until peaking at the two-hour mark with at least 50% more power than normal. Insufflation increases absorption by 50% compared to oral dosing. The usual 7mg - three microscoops - is now an overdose! Since my scale won’t read less than that I will be taking only one unmeasured microscoop instead of the usual three - about 2.5mg - 3.0mg (!) each morning for the next week to get a more complete picture of the effects.

That’s the plan for the next week of insufflation testing because I now see that this method - used only for the tiny morning dose as HRT - is far, far superior to ingestion by preventing both first-pass metabolic losses and a good portion of liver damage caused by portal absorption and first-pass metabolism - killing two birds with one stone :slight_smile:

Here’s the differences from oral ingestion in short form:

  1. Fast strong psychoactive effects that begin in ten minutes but are uniquely different from oral dosing.
  2. Less hepatotoxicty due to bypass of first-pass metabolism.
  3. Far higher potency with about 50% increase in activity for the same dose in mg.
  4. Food can be ingested without slowing absorption so I won’t need to deal with two hours of morning fasting and low blood sugar.

I recommend anyone with pure powder to try insufflation at least once. It’s painless and safe. However, if the goal is to maintain a steady blood concentration or larger amounts are used (higher insufflated doses will result in more spillover into the stomach due to sinus drip, negating the benefits of insufflation) then this method is not recommended. My routine is a single morning microdose to produce a spike which overlaps the morning Testosterone release so it’s perfect.

It is now 2:50pm. The full effects - nay - much stronger main body effects - are in full manifestation. Having insufflated only 7mg - 3.5mg up each nostril - and having not detected any significant Aspirin flavored drip down my throat - I am very sure that at least 80% - perhaps much higher - of the dbol was absorbed intranasally.

The ten-minute speed of FAST effects is further testament to this hypothesis.

Even further evidence is that I am now enjoying a quality of effects that far surpasses the last three weeks of oral dosing. Notably, the body load is gone and there is a very clean up energy. The likely dysregulation of blood sugar caused by high concentrations of dbol entering the liver through the portal circulation - the liver is responsible for regulation of glucose-glycogen interconversion - is simply not present today, unlike all the other days back to the first dosing day of August 7th. :slight_smile:

The decision is now made: there will be no further oral ingestion of dbol. This molecule is very biocompatible via the intranasal route. So clear, clean and without problems that its naturalism is transparent. Injection must be similar but I prefer to skip the pain, risks and legal problems.

In the next few days I’m also expecting a halt to the continuous diarrhea which started on August 8th. My gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to a variety of foods and drugs - even 1g Oxiracetam every four hours or a few too many tablespoons of sugar is enough to produce continuous runs.

You sir, are living the dream.

That’s different

Looks like Testosterone works via intranasal too - the study doesn’t mention the dose which is important because high doses result in spillover down the throat into the stomach - but comes to a similar conclusion: 75% absorption.

Dbol is much more potent than Testosterone so the dose is a small fraction of that required for Testosterone and thus spillover is minimized.

The study also confirms the very different and slightly strange psychoactive effects: “All brain regions except the frontal cortex had higher levels of testosterone after i.n. administration than after i.v. administration, although the differences among brain regions varied much more for the i.n. route”.

These differences in the pattern of internal distribution within the brain mean a different psychoactive effect profile via the intranasal route compared to oral or intravenous.

Most important is the last paragraph: the intranasal Testosterone did not simply travel to the brain but perfused the entire body similar to intravenous. So not only will this route clear up the brain symptoms of low Testosterone - and I can now confirm that dbol also penetrates said region quickly via intranasal - but it will also provide all the whole-body benefits as well.

Delivery of testosterone to the brain by intranasal administration: comparison to intravenous testosterone


Intranasal (i.n.) administration has emerged as a strategy to deliver therapeutics to the brain. Here, we compared i.n. and intravenous (i.v.) administration for testosterone. About 75% of the i.n. administered testosterone entered the blood. However, whole brain levels of testosterone were about twice as high after i.n. administration as after i.v. administration. About two-thirds of the testosterone entering the brain after i.n. administration did so by direct entry by nasal routes and the remainder indirectly by first entering the blood and then crossing the blood-brain barrier. All brain regions except the frontal cortex had higher levels of testosterone after i.n. administration than after i.v. administration, although the differences among brain regions varied much more for the i.n. route. The olfactory bulb, hypothalamus, striatum, and hippocampus had the highest levels after i.n. administration. The brain uptake pattern suggested a variety of distribution routes likely involving the cerebrospinal fluid, diffusion through brain tissue, and transport through nerve projections.

Regional distribution patterns were similar after either i.n. or i.v. administration, suggesting that the dominant factor determining distribution/retention was the same for either route of administration. We conclude that the i.n. administration route delivers testosterone systemically and can target the brain, especially the olfactory bulb, hypothalamus, striatum, and hippocampus.

It’s now 4:45pm and for the last hour and most noticeably in the last half-hour the whole-body dbol effects are becoming stronger, weird.

The usual 7mg which I have gotten used to over the last three weeks of oral use is just too much, my body is saying it’s just too much via intranasal. Overdose. Leg muscles feel just a bit tense and electrically charged and a bit in the arm muscles too - like the first few days on dbol when I had no ‘tolerance’. The mouse is a mess of sweat, I’ve got to wipe it every ten minutes.

I guess due to lack of body load movement feels like the body is light as a feather. It’s so very different from usual.

My hands are trembling a bit too - another effect which disappeared in the first few days three weeks ago due to what I assume is tolerance to the usual 7mg. It’s just so overcranked.

There is one new effect which I never noticed before in the last three weeks of dbol oral dosing or at any point in my past: my heart is trying to skip a beat each time it beats, or it feels a bit like that. It isn’t too disturbing but it’s subtle and has been ongoing for the last couple hours. The effect seems to parallel the intensity of heat and sweat. I assume it’s due to overdose.

My palms are sweating bucketloads like the first day and my whole body is cooking like an oven. I have not had such strong and blatant effects from the usual 7mg since weeks ago, I guess due to my body becoming accustomed to it via the oral route. I measured this morning’s dose with extra special care to ensure that it would precisely match the dose I’ve been taking these last three weeks so as to be able to compare only the differences produced by intranasal administration.

The nasal route appears to be ridiculously efficient at delivering dbol to both the brain and entire body. The mental clarity and energy at this time - 5:00pm - is superb and blows oral dosing out of the water. Both the body and brain effect profiles are so different that it can’t be denied that the majority went in via nasal mucosal absorption and likely perfusion through brain and other unusual regions as the pubmed study showed.

Suprisingly, intranasal did not simply deliver a fast spike after that single morning dose of 7mg at 9:41am but a very high and long effect plateau which is still too strong for my liking at 4:48pm.

Overall, despite the strange brain and body effects I am pleased enough to switch to intranasal for my low HRT dose. Luckily I purchased what I’m hoping is a more accurate 1mg digital scale on eBay two days ago: the PRO-20A 0.001g / 20g [ http://www.ebay.com/itm/350809751767 ].

There’s been a secondary spike of dizziness which increased and levelled off between 5:30pm and now - 6:39pm.

I can feel that the dizziness is just starting to decline. Other forum users report the dizziness/lightheadedness.

I am positive the cause is simply very high concentrations of dbol in areas of the brain that regulate balance. It’s been reported with high oral doses and in those first starting out, from forum reports. I felt a tiny bit too when first starting but because the absorption was oral brain concentrations were lower.

The traversal of dbol through and near the brain via insufflation produces high local concentrations in odd areas. It can take a long time for it to diffuse out of those areas - more than seven hours by today’s experience. This will be a limitation on the dosing at least for me. However, I am unusually sensitive to both mental and physical side effects and weigh only 138lbs at 6’2" tall. I suspect most others won’t feel these brain effects so strongly or at all.

Regarding the body effects - they are all good and much more powerful and also longer-lasting than when taken orally. Yes, longer-lasting. Perfusion out of the brain region is slower and steadier than intestinal absorption. It is also a whole Hell of a lot more potent. I can’t repeat that enough!

As the day has progressed the body effects and even the main ‘normal’ mental effects have slowly morphed from the morning weirdness to the usual dbol feelings - with the only exception being dizziness. I expect tomorrow morning’s lower dose (decided to make it 1/3 of usual) will prevent this mental disorientation.

If anyone tries the nasal ROA, please keep the dose very tiny and do it on a day-off-work. It’s a beast both mentally and physically.


While this is intriguing, can you please copy and paste your data from the link below into this thread, or start a log from scratch so we can follow your progress?

It keeps people from searching around for your info.

You have extremely limited lab data. Not even John Crisler, DO, Grand Overlord of all things concerning manliness, could make any sensical conclusions with TT and TSH alone.

Read through the stickies at the top of the forum page. Get labs in accordance with the blood testing sticky.

It’s 9:09pm and the dizziness is 70% gone.

But for the last hour I notice that my palms are hot and sweaty again and body’s hot with metabolic fire like it normally has been up until about 4:00pm these last three weeks of oral dosing the same 7mg dbol.

The metabolic fire type body effects are continuing. It’s just crazy. The duration is insanely extended though the intensity has faded to the point where the hot flashes in hands and forehead and heat inside main body area are much lower so it isn’t unpleasant. My hands are still half-slick with sweat even in the coolness of the night with the window wide open. This has never happened before even on the first day of dbol.

The additional muscle tension’s about 70% gone too but I can still feel a bit of it just barely. The electricality’s gone. These things were also unpresent in the last week due to tolerance/accustomment but were noticeable a bit when beginning but even then only in the first four hours after oral dosing.

The half-life after insufflation is not 3-4 hours like oral or injection. It is about 8 hours in the brain and a long high plateau for the body effects with unpredictable releases near the end that must be the result of some weird diffusion dynamic. It’s very nonlinear too - the heat effects faded for a few hours late this afternoon and then fired back up again in the evening!

The problem is that the brain and body effects didn’t increase in proportion. Body effects increased by about 50% for the same dose in mg but brain effects increased by about 3x-4x! That is going to restrict the dosing to small amounts.

I have not been taken for a ride like this since my careless days of youthful experimentation with psychoactives. At its strongest it felt like my brain had been hit by a Mack truck or perhaps a freight train. It’s still running slow and I’m having trouble typing without making mistakes.

It’s 9:58pm and finally my brain is speeding up again and I can think again too. Body is feeling cooler with just traces of heat - the temperature right now is equivalent to the heat effect produced by an oral dose taken at the same time in the morning at about 5:00pm.

Metabolic fire more than eleven hours after dosing. I would not have believed it yesterday.

It’s now 11:42pm and the stimulation in both mind and body won’t stop. Every time I think it’s done - twenty minutes later more heat comes again.

It’s precisely like being on some future super-stimulant mentally and physically with no body load or side effects and an energized yet neutral body.

I’m not restless at all physically or mentally but no trace of sleepiness or tiredness either.

Unlike every single day since three weeks ago on the same dose orally there was no estrogenic effect during the latter half of the day either. I had become used to having the morning dbol dose aromatize into estrogens later in the day resulting in a biphasic effect with relaxation starting about 5:00pm and then shading into mental sleepiness and body fatigue so strong that I would just slide into bed and instantly fall asleep all night long without a single awakening.

My whole body is light as a feather when walking and moving just like it usually is during the morning peak - but it’s midnight.

There is zero body load and endless energy.

Today has been totally the opposite of every single day since three weeks ago when I started the dbol. Every single day has been a carbon-copy duplicate of the same biphasic effect of strong morning and early afternoon stimulation follows by the estrogenic flop. Not anymore.

The aromatization just didn’t happen much or at all today. There wasn’t a trace of the sleepiness, body load or tiredness. Right now at 11:48pm - 14 hours - yes fourteen hours later - the strong stimulation effects in both mind and body won’t stop. The mental clarity and visual sharpness are unreal. Under the cold night air the stars were obviously sharper tonight.

I could run twenty miles right now but I need to sleep and it’s going to be a long wait in bed for sleep to come.

I just cannot believe that 53 years of dbol and nobody tried this or they didn’t publish it online. I’ve been searching for the last week trying to get background on what to expect but I can’t find a single forum or blog report - and only the one study on pubmed in the literature.

If anyone can find any report please post the link. All I can find is endless forum threads where the first poster proposes the idea and then long strings of ridicule in reply.

It seems the joke is on the jokers now - times ten squared.

And please, somebody else try this. Just one other person to verify that I’m not insane.

If it’s consistent tomorrow too then this is revolutionary and opens up whole new fields.

There’s no need to bother anymore with methylated steroids because intranasal absorbs them all just dandy with 50% more peak power and 2x-3x longer duration of both body and mind effects.

Even olde Test goes thru quite nicely according to the pubmed study and I don’t doubt it for a second now.

My hands are still slick with heat and sweat as I type and it’s two minutes to midnight.

The big problem is trying to cut the dose down to some couple milligrams to prevent overdose.

God I hope the new scale can measure less then 7mg.

My ten grams of dbol powder which should have been a 3.9 year supply just turned into something like an 8 year supply overnight.

I am going to start recommending the microdose morning nasal protocol to any and all sufferers of low Testosterone here and everywhere. It would be crazy immoral to keep quiet about this considering what a world-beating tool it turned out to be.

At 2mg - 3mg intranasal in the early morning there will be even less suppression than my oral 7mg over the last three weeks and zero chance of liver issues.

The nasal rule for dbol is 50% stronger and 2x - 3x longer duration - oops, I still can’t sleep and the furnace still burns so that duration is the absolute minimum increase. I won’t know until tomorrow morning how long it really lasts for.

Forget the first-pass liver burden and losses - today my half-empty androgen receptors just sucked it all up from another source leaving nothing circulating and thus virtually zero liver burden.

Due to the odd release pattern from brain and nearby tissues it seems that it transfers directly to the rest of the body with minimal - ie. near-zero metabolism - both via aromatase and thus, liver too. Aromatization can be used as a kind of indicator of how much free dbol is circulating and thus how much is going through the liver.

Estrogenic effects - not problematic at 7mg orally but still excessively sleepy and feminine later in the day for my preferences - which I felt every day for the last three weeks mentally and physically after 5:00pm were simply nonexistent today using the nasal route.

Even better, due to the bizarre lack of aromatization it will be very useful for those with strong aromatase activity - folks who will experience estrogenic sides with TRT.

The whole needle / patch TRT game is looking like a Model-T now that I’m flying a 747. I owe that useless doctor so much. Thanks to his refusal to provide inferior treatment I found an exponentially superior world-beating therapy.

It seems every few hours I’m having another Eureka moment figuring out the next implication of nasal administration. The science guys on PubMed figured it out in the study I quoted earlier in this thread but it seems that using the more advanced dbol has enormous advantages.

It seems like I just leapt miles ahead of even their cutting-edge protocol.

Now that I’ve got a slick hammer everything is looking like a nail and thus my eyes are turning towards using this hammer to pound out new solutions to old problems.

Today I won the lottery big time. It’s just too damn good to be true but I still don’t feel a trace of sleepiness and it’s 1:15am, and my hands are still hot and sweaty like it was 10:00am at the peak.

Question, are you saying this is a replacement for testosterone? I am very interested in this. I have not reached dbol, and I do know how it effects the HPTA, androgen receptors etc, and it’s relation with estrogen.

I will be getting test injections tomorrow, and I will probably have to buy test e from a mate to insure stable levels.

I am just weary about long term usage. Is this something that can be taken everyday, and it’s safe for the body?

I am defiantly interested in trying it, but I am weary.

Yes, my experience over the last three weeks:

  1. Full reversal of all mental symtoms of low Testosterone which had been worsening for the last 15 years.
  2. Full reversal of all physical symptoms of low Testosterone.

The craziest thing was that even though I’m a genetic ectomorph - fast metabolism, can’t hold any weight no matter how much I eat - and am underweight - 138lbs at 6’2" - I had the tiniest bit of belly bulge that was not noticeable until it disappeared on day 10 of the dbol 7mg.

It’s so crazy that even a fast metabolize and near-daily cyclist like myself would still have it.

I have the study that shows metabolic syndrome - including its accompanying beer-belly - can be completely reversed by androgen supplementation only with zero other changes. They lost their bellyflab:

Effect of 12 months of testosterone replacement therapy on metabolic syndrome components in hypogonadal men

I woke up this morning a bit earlier than usual and bounced out of bed at 7:12am. The dizziness - obviously due to dbol overdose - is entirely gone and my sleep was of excellent quality as usual but much more energy and mental clarity on awakening than any day in the last three weeks. Like being awake before even waking up. This has never happened before - not even one day since the last three weeks of starting oral dbol at 7mg.

I had to wait until 1:30am last night before going to bed because I could feel that I would just be lying in bed waiting hours for sleep - this is after the single small intranasal 7mg dbol dose at 9:41am yesterday. All the rest of my daily routine including food, etc. was a carbon-copy of every day for the last three weeks (yeah, I’m a recluse and habitual routine kinda guy).

It’s 7:28am now and I plan to take a smaller dose this morning.

Believe it or not, there are still traces of residual mental and physical stimulation even now - mental especially - almost 24 hours after the usual 7mg via the new nasal route yesterday.

Just finished my morning washroom routine - victory! Stool is now semisolid for the first time since August 7th - three weeks ago - when I started the oral 7mg of dbol. From extensive past experience it takes my GI tract two days to fully resolidify after weeks of continuous diarhea.

It’s my prayed-for final proof positive that yesterday’s crazy powerful and long-duration dbol 7mg via insufflation absorbed exclusively through my nasal and sinus mucosa rather than GI tract.

Entirely bypassing liver first-pass metabolism with no requirement for methylation either.

I figure that 10mg might be the upper limit to insufflation without spillover - it’s a conservative estimate but…

This means even bodybuilders who use 50mg per day could dose 10mg every other hour nasally over the course of 10 hours and bypass hepatic first-pass while enjoying 50% stronger effects lasting 2x - 3x longer with no methylation requirement.

The revolution is ongoing.

I am quite impressed with how “in tune” with your body you are. I’ve never experienced such finite physiological changes with any substance I’ve ingested. I do see some interesting similarities between your experiences with dbol and those of illicit drug users. I am happy for the positive effects you are benefiting from but I think it may be premature for you to recommend the protocol to everyone given the short trial run you are on.

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Yeah, it is premature and very beta.

I just measured out the usual 7mg - three microscoops - then carefully scraped almost half of it back into the bag.

I’d say the remaining amount is about 4mg.

My scale reads 0 mg now no matter how many gentle taps I give it.

Insufflated at 9:18am - two minutes ago.

Stupidly about 80% went up one nostril - gotta avoid that in the future because it causes a bit of excess fluid secretion that could make it drip into my throat. Should be 50/50 per nostril.

It’s 9:40am and I can smell the Aspirin odor in the back of my nose but can’t taste anything in my throat.

To be absolutely sure the absorption is nasal only I’m not swallowing for the next hour or two. Whenever I feel the need I’m just spitting out whatever’s in my mouth/throat and not drinking any water.

I will wait until 10:30am just this morning - delaying my nootropics and vitamins to give it an entire hour to be sure that all the dbol is either absorbed intranasally or expelled by spitting it out.


Twenty minutes later my palms are sweaty and I’ve got the rubbery legs of dbol effects taking hold.

When I say sweaty I mean palms visibly and entirely covered in a layer of sweat ‘dew’ microdrops.

It always took an hour and sometimes two for these effects to show up after oral dosing these last three weeks, 100% consistently. Often in the last week these effects have been so mild as to be hardly noticeable due to what I assume is ‘tolerance’ or just habituation. Not anymore.

It’s now 10:43am and the full body effects are showing up.

It feels like another damn overdose again, a little less so than yesterday.

Palms are now slick with sweat, internal furnace is firing up.

And the strange mental effects are showing up just like yesterday too: a total internal ‘silence’ accompanied by mental clarity and super-sharp vision (when I woke up this morning my vision was already both abnormally sharp and the whites on my monitor unusually bright - an effect which years of experience has shown to correlate with my mental energy level) and rubbery legs with a bit of electric hair-standing-up along the back up the spine.

I just can’t measure less than this. It’s going to be a game of trying to divide up a tiny speck of dust each morning.

As for the feeling of insufflation: exactly like yesterday - nothing at all.

If I was blindfolded I could not tell the difference from breathing air.