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Insufficient Paranoia

I’ve been a powerlifter since the sport first organized, but I’m new to this forum. My genetics for being a strength athlete suck: skinny bones and tendon attachments, no natural muscle, and a grand total of two fast-twitch muscle fibers (one in each eyelid). I’m having some success as a “masters lifter”(Read: “powerlifting for very old farts”), with two national titles and a world record. Of course, I’m “lifetime natural,” it’s only a coincidence that I lift in the federation (APF/WPC) that, as a matter of policy, does no drug testing and has most of the highest world records. (We care only “how strong you is,” not how you got that strong.) I would NEVER ingest any exogenous testosterone or its synthetic analogs, because:

  1. My heart has always been pure;
  2. My mommy was a virgin, and
  3. Big Brother probably watches this website!!!
    Think about it. When you first signed-up for this forum, you gave lotsa info about yourself–including name and address–all linked to the name you use on the forum. T-mag would ab-so-fucking-lutely NEVER give that info to The Federales voluntarily, but a search warrant or a subpoena could pry it out of their computer data base.
    “It couldn’t happen in The Land of the Free?” Don’t bet your sweet ass on it. This ain’t the America I grew up in: this is DRUG-PARANOID America, and you are telling the gummint office weenies what kind of gear you use. If you ain’t paranoid, you don’t understand the situation… Strength & courage, Coach Joe

everything we talk about is hypothetical…
and who said we gave our real names anyways?

Everything and anything comes with a price. By the way, you do not have to give out your address on this site. Have a good day coach.

American governemnt? Thank God I live in Canada LOL. Anyway, no one here is selling shit without a perscription. We all know how illegal it is to obtain these drugs this way. But tell me, would the “federallies” be more concerned about HUGE contacts and MEGA sources for DISTRIBUTION and TRAFFICKING, or would they go after lil ol’ be and my 50ml jug of Fina. Hmmm?

The only thing we ALL “supply” around here is good quality info.

Glad I am from England!

MassNutrition, you’re right about at least two things. The Federales would rather bust a big supplier, and there IS a lotta good information on this site, from people with a lot of practical experience. However the Fed’s are, after all, government workers. If it’s easy to build a case against a small-time user, they’ll go for the easy bust. It becomes easy for them, if we give them all they need to get a conviction. Anyway, this only applies to the Americans among us: keep looking behind you. Strength & courage, Coach Joe

Thank god i live in Portugal.
Just for you get the idea we can buy everything on the pharmacy without prescription… what about that?
I my modest openion the use of steroids should be a own decision of a person, the governement should of course prevent after all i dont see prohibition of alchool or tabaco… and we all know how much it can damage you

HAHAHAHA you thought this was real. Nah man, it’s all role play.

The Whole Thing is redundant. The campfire story has been told…Ok kids it is time to go to bed. Don’t forget to drink your hot milk.

Smirking as Usual-

The Scorp

I’ve never heard of any incident where the Feds have gone after someone that they saw posting on a board. At least not without a lot of other circumstances.

Besides, T-Mag is hardly the Juicing-mecca of the net. We are the caboose of this site, more like an afterthought.

More like the last stinking ass hair. Who wants to pick that out?

two fast-twitch muscle fibers (one in each eyelid).

I like that one.