Instruction on Med Ball Wall Throws

Hey gang

Not sure where to post this, but I guess this is as good as any other place.

I’m trying to locate some information on the propper technique used in the wall ball throws, not the upward ones used by crossfit but the straight forward ones.

I am looking for two variations where the first is with both feet paralell facing the wall where the ball is thrown directly into the wall. The second is the unilateral version where feet are in a staggered stance og a rotational component is present.

I have been trying to find information for weeks now and I am about to give up and asking instructors around here is pointless, so I am hoping one of you guys could point me in the right direction, link to something, anything!

You…are asking how to throw a ball forward?

Dude, technique is nothing to worry about here.
It’s not a reverse roundhouse kick nor an olympic snatch.

Just throw the damn thing.

I…don’t know where to start. You push the damn thing against a wall as fast and hard as you can. I’m not sure there’s any real primer to coach there other than 1) do it as hard as you can and 2) push with your palm so your fingers don’t get strained.


I saw a video at one point where the intructor talked in detail about the importance of scapula retraction during the throw. besides this he also talked about a few other things, I believe is what Poul check,not sure though.

I remember when people said, your on a bench and the weight has to be pressed up, so just press it! how hard can it be… well apparently there were a lot of corrections to be made in the end that most people didn’t realize. If in doubt, ask. And I am in doubt as to whether or not there is some mechanical corrections that can be made or should be looked into. It’s a legit question so why am I to be rediculed for asking about this ?

I don’t doubt you could do something complicated out of medball throws with lots of imagination.
It is still a hefty case of analysis paralysis (“I have been trying to find information for weeks now”)

Usually though, medball slams and throws work under a different principle than a weight lifting exercise.
In a bench press, you try to lift lots of weight fast and efficiently, while not destroying anything precious in the long run, like your shoulder joint.
And that can be quite complicated in terms of technique.

Unlike a medbal throw, like it is usually done in MArts.

The brain sets up punches or throws differently than weights.
(Every brain does this since it learned basic movement through playing as a toddler.)
There’s little to no deceleration part that would protect your joints.
Otherwise Mike Tyson would be a cripple after 5 minutes of intense shadowboxing.

And that is precisely why you don’t have to learn anything special other then: throw the ball hard and fast

But if you insist on technique, here’s some technical bollox-fluff:
Some trainers insist on throwing stiff armed (like a cross or heavy punch) where you pretty much end the throw wih outstretched arms.
Others want you to focus on a more quick execution to prime your cns more in favour of a quick, jabbing output -dunno, maybe it makes sense with really slow guys.

Again:unless you really want to polish a certain facet of a strike don’t overthink technique.

Scapular retraction (and depression) is important while bench pressing because the bench restricts natural glenohumeral rhythm (movement of the scapulae and shoulder joint). While performing an exercise where the scapulae are not restricted though they should be allowed to move naturally. I generally move my arms like I am throwing a “chest pass” in basketball. A quick search on youtube should produce a number of instructional videos about chest pass mechanics. I’d post a link but for some reason they don’t seem to work when I post them from my phone (which I am on ATM).

Good luck