Instru video for Power Cleans

Does anybody know of a good instructional video to learn the Power Clean? I’m looking to improve my lift and definitley my form/technique. Is this on Ian’s killer legs?


I just purchased intructional videos for both the clean and the snatch. They are directed by Robert C. White, and both include an olympian performing the lifts (Shane Hamman, Loreen Briner-Miller). Each video is greater than 1.5 hours, and cost 40 bucks. The technical description is thorough and each component of the lift is broken down with plenty of useful visuals. I ordered them over the web through Amazon. Hope this helps.

Hey, there is a video and book set from Iron Mind. It’s called Olympic style weightlifting for the beginner and intermediate weightlifter. It costs $37.90 for both the book and video. Iron Mind can be reached by phone (530)265-6725 or by Ask for a brochure. They have lots of great strength equipment and a good info library.

i got my snatch video from worldclasscoachingllc but a week after, they were gone.