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Instense Site


Has anyone checked this out. Intense stuff.



"Looks Like You Have Exceeded Your Allowed Views For Today"

Is anyone a member and want to send me an invite?!?!?


I never knew that. I get so grossed out after a couple views I have to get the hell out of there.


Ha! 10$$ membership to a forum? pshhhh


its kind of fucked up that when theres a post about a mangled body, followed by gory pics, all the replies are "WOW nice find :slight_smile: :)"



pictures of Syrian kids being hung?? What kind of sick people want to look at that!?!?!?!


Fuck off cunt.


I do. There is a lot of neat shit on that site. I'm not saying kids being hung is neat, but seeing eyeballs coming out of heads is pretty damn cool.


Really, pal? How about when an M2 round breaks a guy's head in half, and then you're the one that has to catalogue what he's carrying with him? Still sound cool? Get a clue, dipshit.


I think the Human deformities/Medical Problems is a cool thread.
I think the general chat area is pretty cool too, just like here.
I think the topics of interest and research is neat.
Fail videos, owned videos, and other funny stuff seems like a pretty neat thread too.

NO, I do not think hanging people is COOL. No, I wouldn't want to see a guy's head get blown in half in real life, that shit would be traumatizing. To see it over the internet though, ya, that'd be pretty neat because it doesn't effect me immediately and nor would I want to have it done to anyone for that matter but looking at it is pretty crazy. I find this shit interesting, just like I do sports, school, politics (not Canadian though), history, astrology, biology, disease, etc. Sorry for liking things that aren't the norm.

no reason to name call pal. take a chill pill bro.


You're right actually. In that context it would be different. My bad.


DONE. The stuff on there is too much.


You're completely desensitized to this type of thing obviously. I wouldn't be able to watch any of the things you just described without cringing or thinking that people who actually find this as etnertaining are somewhat lacking in the whole "humanity" department. I realize there has always and will always be people who seek out this sick shit for their own pleasure, the thing I find sad is the percentage of people who do seek it out and do not find it repulsive and abhorant is growing at a higher rate than ever.


Living close to a university where I got many opportunities to work with dead people (morgue) when I was younger (my friends mom was a professor), seeing weird and disgusting things have always been a part of my life. I don't gain pleasure from watching or looking at "weird" things, its like you said, something I've become desensitized to. I think some things on that site are cool, but I don't like everything that is fucked up. I can just handle a lot more than the average person.

People have always enjoyed, participated, and attended (not saying I do) weird events in history; torture, decapitations, gladiator like events, crucifixions, boxing, ufc, etc. so I'm not too surprised people enjoy some weird shit. I haven't met many people who enjoy this stuff, but then again haven't talked about it with many people either lol.


Screwed up site, for screwed up people.


this looks like the Rotten.com website.


I wouldnt say that shit is "Cool" ;more interesting than anything else. Like,"Wow,I didnt know the human intestine was so long. The more I know"


I'm generally un-phased by things like that as well, but that doesn't mean I need to immerse myself in images/videos of acts of human violence and evil.

It's not abnormal to stop and stare, it's actually pretty normal, but I can't imagine looking at shit like that all day long could be good for you.


Like a bad boob job. You don't want to look, but you have to.


man, I cant fuck with stuff like that, I have been DR before, there have been threads on GAL about some of the stuff on these types of sites before, I end up checking it out and the images stick with me and end up ruining my day....ill pass.