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Instead of Grow!?


I am all out of Grow! and need to find a suitable replacement that is as good. I do need it to taste reasonably good though. I'm tired of the drinks that taste like plaster. I don't need a lot, just enough to get me through to the next shipment.



The good thing about Grow! is it only takes 2 days to get to your front door. By the time you find a response of what to use and going out to buy it, Grow! could be on your doorstep. I don't understand this. My last shipment showed up at 9 in the morning.


You can substitute chocolate milk for a post workout drink.

Drink lots of milk in the interim.


Does anyone know anything about russian bear? Some kid in one of my classes today was talking about the "steroid like results" one of his friends got. I wanted to hit him upside the head.


If he managed to pull that off, I think the rest of us would mug him to find out who his supplier is. Grow!'s one of the things in the store that's out of stock. :slight_smile:

Aim for a decent whey/casein blend for now and keep your fingers crossed, man. Or just eat a load of solid food; eggs and cottage cheese are particularly efficient proteins in terms of prep time.


The Russian Bear

Another effective high volume program is the "Russian Bear" program I learned from Pavel Tsatsouline. Here's how it works: Start off by doing a hard set of five on an exercise. Don't pick your five-rep max. Pick a weight that you could do six to seven times with good form and stop at five reps.

Wait five minutes after the first set and do another set of five with 90% of the first set. After that set, wait 30-60 seconds and do a set of 5 with 80% of the first set. Keep doing sets of five with 80% of the first set and take one-minute breaks between each set. When you can no longer do five reps with good form, call it a day. This may happen after four sets or as many as fifteen. It really varies with the individual.

Since you're not training to failure and are using relatively light weights for most of the sets, you can do the Russian Bear program more often. For example, you could do it three times a week. Just take a day off between each workout. Unlike GVT, the Russian Bear program consists of full body workouts. Here's a sample program:


A-1: Military Press
A-2: Pull-up
B-1: Deadlift


A-1: Bench Press
A-2: Bent-over row
B-1: Squat


A-1: Military Press
A-2: Pull-up
B-1: Deadlift

Alternate between the two workouts each time. Each workout is a full body workout that hits all of the major muscle groups. Do A-1 and A-2 in antagonistic fashion. Take two-minute breaks between the first two sets of each exercise and thirty second breaks between the working sets with 80% of the first set. On B-1 follow the program as stated previously. Take two days off for every three workouts that you do.

Now let's personalize the Russian Bear program for specific muscle fiber types. If you're fast twitch fiber dominant, keep the rep range between three and five per set. If you're slow twitch fiber dominant, keep the rep range between ten and twelve.


He was actually talking about a weight gainer product. That's in interesting program you posted though.


That doesn't have anything to do with what he asked. Grow! is a meal replacement powder, not a PWO powder.