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Instead Of Eating Peanut Butter Should I Just Cut Off My Testicles?

I was looking at the label of my reduced fat jiff today and noticed that one of the main ingrediants was soy. does this mean that the protein in peanuts is soy or have they just added soy in there for shits and giggles? i have always enjoyed eating a few pb&j sandwhiches a week because i thought peanut butter was high in protein, but i didn’t realize it was SOY! i guess my question is will having peanut butter once in a while do any harm? also when i was looking at the fat content of the regular peanut butter as opposed to the reduced fat i observed that while the reduced fat contained less fat overall it actually had more saturated fat. do any of you other t-men eat peanut butter and if so what type? any comments are greatly appreciated. thanks in advance for helping a t-brutha out!

I’m not a big peanut butter guy. However,if you are concerned about the soy, go with regular peanut butter. All the reduced fat peanut butter products will contain soy (that’s how they reduce the fat). Even better, check out some of the natural peanut butter products available.

Don’t bother with reduced-fat Peanut Butter. It still has the same # of calories. They usually just replace the fat with a high GI carb such as maltodextrin. Make sure that you use Natural PB only - the hydrogenated fats is what will kill you in regular PB, not the soy (if any)

most peanut butters in the store have partially hydrogenated fats which act as saturated fats in the body, it’s processed this way to prolong shelf life. I would go with the natural peanut butter. Since the oil will seperate you have to mix it. but once you mix it you can put it in the fridge.

I’m a big peanut butter fan too. I tried the reduced fat peanut butter once. YUCK! The fat in peanuts is mostly the “good” fat. Enjoy regular peanut butter. The main concern with regular peanut butter is the high sodium level. You’d be amazed at how many products contain soy protein, and you’d never think they did.

Nic, I eat a fair amount of peanut butter. I always get the Organic all natural sort. I have no idea what the specs. look like for the big names but the one I get is as follows.
2 Tbsp (32 grms) Total Fat 15g / Sat.Fat 3g / Tot. Carb. 6g / Fiber 1g / Protein 9g / 200 cals. Seems okay to me. Also you’ve got to try 1 fat tablespoon added to Chocolate Grow!! Like peanut butter cups, it rocks!