Instead of Bodybuilding

If you weren’t bodybuilding would you chose any other sport? I personally would still be running. I love the feeling after a good 7 miler. Then again, that kind of running messes with my body’s appearance. So I might have to say sprinting.

Also, how much does your appearnce matter to you? To me, it definitely does have some value. But then I see people on here like Professor X whom only seem concerned with strength and just SIZE in general.

I like to think I am somewhere in between that TPLET fool and Professor X. My appearnace matters, but only to an extent. If I am really passionate about what I am doing then who gives a fuck what I look like? On the flipside of that coin,who wouldn’t want to look good?

Probably Oly lifting. That’s not off limits right? If we’re talking unrelated to weights, I’d go with tennis…

Do alot of people actually find that Bodybuilding hampers their sports performance?

I play hockey and I’ve found it to actually be a massive help, as long as I don’t do my leg day right before a game.

As far as appearance goes, I have the mentality that I should be at least as strong as I look. I go to the gym for the enjoyment of it the strength/size stuff is just gravy.

With the exception of the Pro’s or people obsessed with extreme size, are there really that many people here who feel that they can only do one or the other?

I have seen, met and know personally many many huge tennis, golf, cricket, soccer and god knows what else players.

Until you get to a very elite level of sport i don’t think that any degree of size is really that big of a disadvantage

Until you get to a very elite level of bodybuilding I wouldn’t imagine playing tennis, golf, darts, soccer, or whatever you want is really going to hamper your bodybuilding efforts.

now obviously if you’re playing tennis 7 days a week for 2 hours a day its going to be harder to gain size due to calories etc but i trust people get the point.


[quote]Psicks wrote:
Do alot of people actually find that Bodybuilding hampers their sports performance? [/quote]

-Bicep development makes it difficult to rack the bar in Olympic Lifting.

-Excess Chest Muscles serve no purpose in Olympic lifting and the added weight will make you slower or bump you up to a weight class.

-Excess quad development, although useful for powering out of the hole, slows down a lifter due to imbalanced hamstring development.

So yea, bodybuilding does hamper sports performance. It just depends on which sport.

However, I also believe in form and function. If you look at fast, strong, explosive, athletes, (Wrestlers, gymnast, olifters, throwers, sprinters, etc) they have physiques that I would be proud of.

So, yes I care about my physique, but only second to overall performance in my respective sport.

I don’t bodybuild, so I can’t answer the original question.

Dunno. I would be a fatty, that I do know.

World of Warcraft and weed
I like my new hobby more.

I guess I’m not technically bodybuilding as I do more powerlfiting than anything else (although that’s still building the body). I’ve found that weights vastly improved my performance in rugby though. As long as I’m not too fat I’m not overly concerned with how I look a the moment as I’m bulking.

However at some point in the future when I have enough mass to make it worthwhile, I’ll do a cut.


[quote]Artem wrote:
World of Warcraft and weed
I like my new hobby more.[/quote]

I want to compete in that sport! psykkeeeee

I played baseball up until this last year, got a great experience, 4 yrs varsity hs baseball, and a couple college years too. It was nice but I found a love for the weights more.

If I wasn’t doing bodybuilding I’d probably be fighting. In high school I had a few friends that we’d spar or wrestle, a few of them fight for pfc like an amateur ufc…I always did it for fun and like the rush of battling it out between men. Its just brute force testosterone stuff I guess lol…

But I’m into bodybuilding and wouldn’t change that for anything :smiley:


I would be doing powerlifting (which i consider a form of bodybuilding) then MMA

Longboard skateboarding.
Looking forward to spring here, so I can get to it.

If not bodybuilding? Powerlifting of course :wink:

if i didn’t surf and windsurf, i may have had a better go at bodybuilding.

Gymnastics and parkour.

[quote]Psicks wrote:
Do alot of people actually find that Bodybuilding hampers their sports performance?


no. i can run faster, im more explosive, faster reflexes and better hand-eye coordination.

if i did any sport besides BBing it would be BMXing.

flatlanding looks mad hard but at the same time its the coolest BMX shti there is.


Something NOT lifting-related, hmmm?

Sports? No.

I’d probably get really dedicated to a game (I’ve been contacted in the past about a Halo 2 professional card,) but I’m thinking DDR. That way I can be a loser and still stay in shape.