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Instant Weight Gain on Test E & Anavar

Hello everyone!

Even though this is my very first post, I have been reading this forum for years, so I’m taking the opportunity to thank everyone for collectively contributing to the great source of knowledge it has become!

Today, I thought I would ask for your opinion on a couple of points, but first, some context:

I am a 34-year-old male and have been training fairly intensively on and off for the last 10 year or so, depending on what work and personal circumstances were like. I had my first cycle 4 or 5 years ago, probably a little bit early in hindsight, but hey, I was young, lucky enough to have access to a private gym and had too much time on my hands… Still, 9 weeks of Test E. (500 mg) kickstarted with 4 weeks of dBol had me put on 10-12 kg, of which I kept about 8 after a decent PCT, without any noticeable side effect. Since then, I had a 2-year complete gap in my training and managed to keep the same weight… but a body fat percentage gradually creeping up! Still, despite the lack of exercise, I somehow managed to keep some very decent triceps, which I, maybe wrongly, attribute to the effect of Test. on cell nuclei.

Through this period, I was constantly telling myself I had to man up and take things in hand but struggled to make time for the gym or a decent diet with a busy job and family life. This was until I ran into an old stash of Test. I had been keeping just in case, and realized that it was going off in a few months. Funnily-enough, that was my trigger to get back to the gym, and motivation to take control of my diet. That was at the end of last summer, and then I was 94 kg for 190 cm, with a bodyfat of approximatively 24%… I know. From then on, my diet plan was basically: a daily target of 1400 kcal (and 2500 kcal on Saturdays) with a full body workout on alternate days, and some cardio in-between. Last month, I was down to 78 kg, 16% bodyfat, and was much happier with the way my body looked. So, I decided it was time to plan for my second cycle, with the aim to bulk up slightly but cleanly.

I opted for a similar recipe with 10 weeks of Test E. (500 mg weekly), but changed my oral to Anavar (50 mg daily, split in two doses). Both of my products were manufactured by Pharma Lab (or Pharmacomlabs) and came in neat packages with expiry dates and authenticity codes – for what it’s worth – though I have not formally tested them. I only supplement with a vitamin combo and an ACE-inhibitor to keep my blood pressure in range. Diet-wise, I adjusted my daily target to 2300 kcal (and 3500 kcal on Saturdays), with daily proteins consistently over 200 g and ideally over 220 g. Given the current global situation, my gym is closed, so I have a daily full-body workout with free weights 6 days a week, and walk about 40 km weekly with the dogs.

I think that’s quite enough for the context, so back to my questions: I am now about 12 days into the cycle, and I have put on 5.5 kg on the scale, up to 83.5 kg - and was already up by 2 kg on the third day. You will certainly all agree that such rapid weight gain cannot possibly be attributed to muscle or fat. And while it was shown that even Test E. does have some effect on plasma levels from day 1, I wouldn’t have suspected early systemic effects to be so drastic. I have also increased my calories as well as carb (150-200 g) and sodium intake (typically 500 to 2500 mg, but up to 6000 mg on the odd Saturday), so might this be the sole responsible? My last theory being that my Anavar may actually be dBol… which I wouldn’t be overly bothered with as I was quite happy with the outcome of my first cycle, except for the fact that I would have no idea what does I would then be taking. That being said, except for feeling much more of a pump during my workout, and being constantly hot and more sweaty than usual, I cannot complain of any other side effect.

So, what is your opinion regarding that lightening weight gain? Do you have any other theory maybe?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story! I’ll happily take any thoughts or advice, even totally unrelated ones!