Instant Tanning Booth

Anyone try this out? From what the girl at the tanning salon told me, its an instant tanning solution like you might find in a drugstore that is sprayed over you in a fine mist for a short 6 second burst.
Pricey though: 1x for $25 or 5X for $100.

What are the alternatives to this? Does the regular lotion, applied by hand, work just as well?

Could this mist be imitated by using a spray bottle, like the ones used for plants?

Isn’t the sun shining anymore?

Aren’t you from Canada? Call me when the temp passes 0 degrees Fahrenheit!

Just kidding.

Actually I’m looking for a tan for something next week, hence the term INSTANT.

lol, good point!

Well, I’ve never used it, so I didn’t have anything constructive to add… :wink:

Zero degrees fahrenheit…ha! Another couple weeks and we BC residents will be rockin’it in 86 degrees fahrenheit.

As for your enquiry i have not tried one of the instant tanning booths however one of my buddies at my gym has used it and said it was awesome. In regard to the off the shelf spray I have only tried the tanning lotion and it was a waste of time but from what I have heard most people have a hell of a time getting a full blotch free tan with off the shelf sprays. Point of interest for entrepreneurs, I contacted the companies that offer the booths and they cost around 50 large. The cost per each tanning session runs around $4 for the operator. A $26/tan profit for sixty seconds isn’t too bad eh?

Sorry I couldn’t speak of first hand experience on the matter.

Never tried it but here’s a link that has an independent review and also tells you how to use the booths to get the best results.

The cost per each tanning session runs around $4 for the operator. A $26/tan profit for sixty seconds isn’t too bad eh?

Wow. 550% net margins.

I had a hunch the looks industry was making a killing. Never thought margins were that high…

I own a tanning salon…And a Booth…It will work well for a short period of time…It lasts about a week…One thing I will say though, after you do it you can’t shower for 6hrs and if you wear a white collared shirt it will look like you wiped your, well you know, with it (and this is for that whole week)…I would recommend you just lay in a level 4 bed with a good bronzer for a week and you will be much better off…

Red Meanie, thanks bro. i love it when I get responses to posts from people who are “in the know”!