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Instant Rice Mix-Good Or Bad Carbs?

Part of my main carbohydrate intake in the morning and then my post workout carb meal is the instant rice mixes that come in sealed packages. I get the lipton kind and they are pretty basic ranging from chicken to beef to cajun rice to herb and butter etc. anyways, the nutrional information is as follows
servings per container-2.5

My basic question is whether or not these are good carbs. i will eat one of these per day and i was wondering since the food is partially prepared, are these good carbs or bad carbs?

Also, is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese bad? I eat it for breakfast sometimes. I read that you can eat ‘poorly’ in the morning so i down a bunch of easy carbs when i wake up. Is this bad?

also, here is my basic diet.
Protein Shake-2 scoops
Instant Rice Mix/Mac and Cheese

Whole Wheat Bread+Sandwhich Meat
Instant Rice Mix(finish what i don’t eat)

chicken or beef and Instant Rice Mix

Large Cottage Cheese container
Large Container Of Canned Peaches

Throughout the day I eat whole wheat bread, peanut butter, and about 6-8 scoops of protein Shakes.

Well It is goal dependent to a point. I personnally would not want to SPIKE my insulin that many times in a day with the instant rice. It is a very high GI carb source. I would laen toward more to something like oats or sweet tatoes.

But if you are looking to really pack on some LBS and dont mind the possible insulin sensitivity issues and its effects go for it.

In short their are better choices. Save the rice for PWO.

Hope that helps,

When I have rice, I use brown rice from a local chinese restaurant (very inexpensive) or go with brown rice from the supermarket. The tradeoffs in preparation time convenience with the Lipton instant rice are worth it, as noted above, instant rice will spike your GI. Those mixes also tend to loaded with sodium (depending on the flavoring).


oats-like as in oatmeal oats?

what else has a lower GI level?

If you are wanting an easy carb breakfast then you cant beat oatmeal especially the quick cooking ones that take a minute or two in the microwave. I usually eat about 40g of it in the morning and mix a little chocolate or banana protein powder in there. Yummy!

Yup oats as in Oat meal and Please go with regular oldfashioned no instant. They only take a second and are much better for you and not stripped of the natural goodness, LOL, of them.

Other things. Well they make different whole grain hot cereals, brans and such. Fiber One cereal is not all that bad for boxed crap. Sweet poatatoes, veggies, fruit, pumpkin, boy I dunno there are so many.

I usually stick to fruits and veggies except the PWO window. Then I load up on faster carbs.

Oh berries are great as well, a bowl of oats, then add a cup of frozen berries to cool then down and a scoop of Vanilla Low-Carb Grow! WOW!!! Yummy. Or Canned pumpkin, a scoop of vanilla Low-Carb Grow! and some cinnamon. Maybe a dash of Rum extract. LOL I better stop or I will ramble on with my many little concoctions.

Hope this helps,