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Instant Pot Users: Help with Rice?

hello, I´m a former meathead, I have a question regarding the Instant Pot Mini please

is it possible to make super soft, well cooked white rice with soft grains in the MINI? I have severe chronic bowel issues and I can only eat soft rice.

I appreciate every tipp or suggestion or a review if the instant pot is a helpful tool for cooking soft rice without texture in bulk, because I eat a lot of rice


I’ve always been disappointed with my rice results in the instapot.

Is rice really the right choice at all then?

I’ve switched over to red potatoes for my main carb source.

You could try cooking it in acidulated water. A lower pH will reduce the viscosity of the starches so it will feel softer.

I don’t know use the mini specifically, but I’d guess around 1 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice per cup of uncooked rice for ~4 minutes with slow release would work.

For me, white rice is so easy and fast to cook on the stove it’s not even worth busting out the instant pot.

Boil 1-1/2 parts water, add 1 part white rice, cover, reduce heat and lightly simmer until water is absorbed (10-15 minutes) makes perfect rice. Add a little extra water if you need it softer.

thanks for the reply. Can you go more into detail please why you are disappointed?

thanks for the reply but potatoes are havoc on my gut

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It was always under or over done. Just not a lot of room for error when it is under done at 3 minutes, and over at 4.

Got curious and tried last night. Horrid. Turned into a broken mess
I’d stick with a rice cooker

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White rice is super gut friendly and easily digestible.

OP- do you have access to a regular stove? Just thoroughly wash 2 cups of rice in a strainer, put it in a deep pot and cover (deep enough that there’s at least a couple inches from the top of the water to the lid) with 3 cups of water, turn on high heat, and when it starts to boil (before a rolling boil), cut the heat to low and set a timer for 10 minutes. Timer goes off, take lid off, stir and taste - should taste like 95% done - put lid back on, remove from heat, let sit and steam by itself for another 10, voila - perfect soft, fluffy rice.

EDIT: lol just listen to @galgenstrick, missed that haha

Ah. I forget that it can be a very functional food because it stops me like a tampon down a toilet even when I saturate and steam the bajeezus out of it.

Osmosis management can be tricky.

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Thanks for responding and your advice. I currently prepare my rice on the stove, but when I make more than one cup, the rice is total mush and not just soft. I´m looking for a method to make soft rice in bulk (around 300g), thats why I thought about the Instant Pot. I´m desperate… Thanks!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your effort and your help! So you would definitely say that the instant pot is not a good option for me to get soft rice?
Thank you very much

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The pressure broke the rice grains and it ruined the mouthfeel

Rice cooker for Costco. I think it’s a 10 cup one. Can’t go wrong with it. I use it several times a week.

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The instapot does some things very well, but some things not so well. Rice falls in the latter IME.

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I think stove cooked rice are softer as compared to instant pot rice.

Honestly, this is the only answer for somebody who wants lots of rice made quickly and easily. Rice cooker is as easy as it gets.

Exactly. I prep meals once or twice a week so I make about 8 cups at a time. Saves a ton of time and energy.

Hi Jake, thank you very much for your help and for responding! How do you prepare the rice on the stove to get it soft? Do you use a specific rice to water ratio or whats your “secret” because when I try to cook it on the stove I get rice that is mushy but still hard on the inside at the same time and I never understand how this is possible :slight_smile: