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Instant Oatmeal

Hey my friend was spewing useless non-researched facts today that instant oatmeal is bad for you.

I know regular oatmeal takes forever to make, but who has that kind of time? Is instant oatmeal a good substitute? I love being able to rip open 3 packs dump them in the microwave and 4 minutes later it’s done. I mix it with a cup of 0% yogurt add 2 peach halves, get a nice shake and i’m ready for a good meal :smiley:

Do a subject search for “oatmeal”. There was recently a couple of long threads about this topic. Long story stort- Instant oatmeal (especially the flavored stuff) isn’t as good as the “old fashioned” kind, which BTW cooks up nicely in the microwave in about 3 minutes.

Instant oatmeal (as opposed to slow cooking oatmeal) has a very high glycmic index and is therefore not optimal as your body treats it as if you had eaten sugar. No time for slow cooking oatmeal? try JB’s microwave trick (see the recent oatmeal thread) or try this: Buy McCahans slow cooking oatmeal and ignore the directions. Wake up. Add water, cinnamon and a little stevia to the oatmeal you’ve measured out the nigth before. Put on a low flame. Shower, dress, and get ready for work. By the time your ready, the oatmeal is too.

Come on now. I throw one cup of water, 1/2 cup of oatmeal…you know…Quaker Oats in the red and blue cardboard container, although i actually use the Alberson’s brand. Then just throw it in the microwave for 2:45. Perfect…then i throw in a scoop of whey Protien… I look forward to having that with my egg whites every morning.

Curse me! curse me damnit!
I stocked up on this instant oatmeal original flavour, from some unknown company.
All it has on the ingredients is Rolled oats, and some vitamins.
Sorry about wasting your time, but the search engines don’t work for me :frowning:

I guess ill wait till they fix the problem and read the oatmeal stuff some other time, hope it’s soon :smiley:

It’s been down for sometime now… and my side seems to be perfectly fine.

The search engine is working fine. You have to click the word “Subject”, not hit the enter button.

As for your oatmeal, at least you didn’t get the surgary, chemical-laden flavored kind. I’d go ahead and eat it. It’s okay, but next time go for the old fashioned kind or some of the brands recommended in that oatmeal thread. The title to that thread had my name then “Oatmeal=Evil?”