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Instant Oatmeal


What's the diff between instant and say Quaker regular oatmeal, besides the time it takes to cook? Which is better for you?


As far as I know, instant is cut more so the time it takes to digest is quicker. And it has a shitload of other crap in it that you don't need. Although my wife just bought this Quaker Weight Control stuff that doesn't look too bad. I wonder if anyone else has tried it? It looks like it's got some whey in it, a decent amount of fiber, and low sugar.


I've tried the Weight Control stuff. I like it, though I'm sure raw is still better for you.


Stick to the raw kind that you can microwave for 90 seconds, it is a lot better for you. I eat it every morning with skim milk, bananas, blueberries, and a scoop of chocolate metabolic drive. It tastes good and keeps me full with plenty of fiber and good carbs.



Chris Shugart's Blog write up the weight control oatmeal.


You're better off eating floor sweepings than either of these. Get some steel cut oatmeal that contains the entire groat. (McCann's is one for example, but there are others).It takes at least 30 minutes to cook but is far superior to the dust you are referring to.


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