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Instant Grits


I know that instant oatmeal is shitty compared to rolled oats, but are instant grits shitty (nutritionally) compared to regular grits?

Forgive me for not being southern.

Also if you have any good grits recipes, tips, or whatever, lets have em.


They're usually lower in nutritional value,not to mention they usually put a bunch of extra crap in it... and ingredients that you can't pronounce in most things that say "instant".Sure,the other stuff might take a little longer to cook,but atleast you know what you're getting;so does your body.


OK, grits are made from corn. It is highly processed corn. All the good stuff (what little good stuff there is) has been removed. You would be better off eating other hot cereals than grits.

FWIW, I like grits with butter and syrup, but haven't had them in a while because the are not part of a clean healthy diet.


MMMMMM!!! Jalapeno Cheese grits. Been a while

Yup highly processed they actually use Lye on then to process them :open_mouth:

Use moderation but sure have them every now and again Nice fast crab source for PWO whole food meal.


Champion's Choice High Protein Oatmeal = the best, and takes a whopping 5 minutes to cook.
2 scoops =
4g of fat
40g of carbs
25g of protein
That is cooked in water of course. You can also try it in some skim milk(which I hate skim milk anyway!)

But overall, a decent breakfast!


The reason I ask is because CT recommends them as a carb source in his new Carb Cycling Diet.


Where do you get champions choice....oatmeal?


Are they magic grits?