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Instant Diet Green Tea


I like green tea but now that it's summertime, I ain't feelin' it with the hot liquids.

My question: does the "instant" DIET green ice tea provide any benefits that the regular brewed green tea does? The companies that make it are Arizona and 4C. They have Splenda in them and no calories.

Also, is Splenda bad for you? I heard two different arguments on this one.

Thanks for the help.


Any Chinese tea marked "Diet" provides one feature not packaged with Green Tea. The "runs". Chinese Diet Tea is "water loss". If you want to try it, do so on a day you have nothing planned.


I have tried these instant diet green teas and did not have the runs. Not even close.

I am asking if they contain the antioxidant benefits of the brewed kind, and if the Splenda aspect of them are bad.


Problem is there are two ways to decaf., such beverages. One which leaves most of the goods intact one that doesnt. I cant remember the name of them but a search should turn up some info in Article by I believe both Cy and Shugart.

Oh aklso dont get it in the can. I read recently in ( cant rememeber which mag. I thinkl life extensions) that teas in a can are worse on your tooth enamel etc.. than even regular Coke or pepsi with the sugar. It leaches chems. froom the can.

I say brew a bunch up and put it in the fridge them you know it has what you want.

Oh but yes inn a pinch that Arizona stuff is pretty good taste wise at least.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Phil. Looks like brewing and then puting it over ice would be the best idea.


Brewing, with subsequent ice is best but I'm using individual tiny packs (add each to a bottled water) of instant Lipton green tea. Not bad and claims of anti-ox effects right on the label.