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Instant Bump?


ok so i poked, and as soon as i pulled out there was a tiny bump the size of a small pimple or a small insect bite. the poke was very discomforting but i went ahead and put it all the way trough and injected. i always alcohol swap the area before and after aswell. but im not sure if getting a bump from a bad poke possible, or maybe it has something to do with unsanitary?

i had a needle pre-loaded with .75mg deca for 1 dye lying around but it had its cap on and i doubt very much is got dirty.

Am i panicing for nothing?

again, the bump is real small, and it DOESNT hurt or feel hot, but this has never happened before should i be worried?


bump went away but now theres a weird mark a lil less then 1cm in width and hight on injection site. looks like a bruise maybe interal bleeding maybe this is what it looks like when i hit a blood vesel/vein? still no pain, no soreness (yet), and no hotness.

should i worry?


A possible reason would be that, at some point, you either injected some of the fluid too close to the surface and, thus, it created that little bump between the hypodermis and the dermis or you hit a patch of scar tissue which made it harder for the fluid to sink in. A pocket, if you will.

I wouldn't worry much about that bruise, either. When you think about it, any injection requires ripping, tearing, and shattering countless skin cells. Bruising, to whatever degree, is inevitable.


Agreed. If the redness begins to grow in size and develop a distinct border, or if you get red streaks on your skin around the injection site, then you may have cellulitis (just need some antibiotics from the doc to clear it up). This also takes a couple days to fully set it, so seeing as how it was immediate I'd chalk it up to a bruise.


To make the long story short: injecting is no big deal.

Sometimes you hit a vein sometimes you don't. Sometimes it gets a little sore, sometimes it gets a bit more sore. Sometimes you get a knot, sometimes you don't.
It don't matter it's all normal and gets the job done.

Basic rules: Use only top quality gear preferably for human use and new syringes and needles... and don't worry about anything until you get a lump that is growing bigger.


This is almost certainly what happened. You missed the muscle, but should be no big deal with only 0.75mL. Obviously this would be a bigger issue with a larger injection, ie. a 2mL or 3mL bump.


i need to re-evulate where my "target" is. at the begening i was hitting it dead on and as i got more confortable doing it seems i miss the target easier.

gonna check up some sites to see the exact spot i should be poking.

no longer worried about it, thx guys much appreciated.