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instant breakfast + protein post workout

I’m sure I’ll be flamed for this but I know quite a few people who combine carnation instant breakfast with whey protein for a PW shake due to the prohibitive costs of quality PW supps. Any comments?

what does the instant breakfast contain in terms of nutrition (calories, carbs, etc…). If it’s good shit I’d say why not, but just remember PW nutrition is the most important and you don’t want to fall short of results from your hard work.

Well hell, who knows, what’s in an instant breakfast shake?

I don’t know off the top of my head so I can’t comment but I’m sure its not the optimal way to go.

However, it probably doesn’t hinder the results of someone fairly new to the game.

All depends on your diet too and what you’re tryin to accomplish.

Also…in comparison, is whey protein really that much more expensive than a pack of instant breakfast? Volume for volume, I bet its not. But that’s just speculation, I really don’t have the prices right here to compare.

Why bother with the carnation if cost is an issue. What does it add of benefit over the whey? If you’re going to add something I’d add some Gatorade or other quickly digested card (e.g. glucose).