Installing a Towel Rack

Hey guys

I am trying to install a towel rack. I have the brackets in, but when I try to attach the rod attachments, and screw in the set screw, it doesn’t do anything. It’s probably because there is no place on the brackets for the set screw to go into. I really can’t see any mechanism of how the screw can attach to anything. If you screw it in far enough, it will just touch the metal on the brackets. No holes anywhere.

This is probably a simple answer, but I just can’t see it. Anyone know how it’s done?

It’s a set screw, it’s not supposed to screw into anything, just against it. If I’m understanding you right, all you need to do is screw in the set screw until it seats against the bracket.

Tedro is correct.
Those are some of the worst designs for a towel rack. Over time, you’ll need to periodically tighten the damned things or one day you’ll find the rack on the floor.