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Instagram Videos with Copyrighted Music?

So I’ve been trying to knock some of the rust off my drawing chops this past year, and especially started using digital tools during the Summer. As I can “record” my daily practice sessions, I’ve started speeding them up to under a minute, and putting some music behind them before sharing on IG. The last couple were hit with being “taken down”… well, first they were just Muted in some countries, but today my daily piece wasn’t even showing up.

The copyright-free tracks that you can grab on editing software are just awful, and I really was enjoying putting some of my favorite tunes behind my artwork (had Judas Priest denied today!)

So my question to those more savvy than I am,… what do you do? What options are there? Better tunes? Ways to somehow circumvent how IG detects the copyrighted piece of music?


Weird. I know on YouTube they just tell you any proceeds from the video could be forfeit. I’m not sure how Instagram does it, though.

I did a few the last couple of weeks but today was just not having it at all (even muted)


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I REALLY hope it was “Breaking the law”

Otherwise, all the tracks from Nine Inch Nails Ghost album are free for use. I used that when I needed some background tunes.

Sing the songs yourself. That way the AI won’t recognize the copyright. Lol

Lol sure fire way to ensure no one watches my videos! :laughing: