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Instagram and Vets of T-Nation

On mobile so my apologies in advance. As i logged into the forums i started going through old posts (when i would frequent t nation almost everyday) and wondered where are some of these guys now. Do they still have an online presence? I will butcher some usernames but, I found a few but i am lost on others. We had Leenan, Clark, Brian(Alpha), etc. What happened to Waylanderx? Profx(curiosity), the bodybuilder working with meadows i want to say he was canadian and always friendly. Would be cool to compile a list and see who we can find. And of course anyone knew would also be welcomed to pist their own personal instagram or social media.

Throwings links in when i can relating to this topic

Still here. Still posts as Alpha. Has a great training log.

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Also maraudermeat, I knew his full name at one point but forgot now otherwise it might be easy to look him up.

Ehh, times change and people move on. X was banned. Marauder was the one that lost the front squat challenge (I believe). The Canadian was John Schimdt or something like that. Dude was a beast for sure and super nice. Not sure what happened to him.

Hell, even a lot of these guys are gone. Super_Saiyan hasn’t posted in years. Andy is barely around. Cortes hasn’t posted since before the election.

Leeman. Top-ranking powerlifter.

IFBB pro bodybuilder.

Top-ranking strongman/coach/gym owner. Still posts here.

Gone from the site for many years.

Gone from the site for a few years.

Zraw. Still competes. Gone from the site for a few years.

A) That sounds more than a little creepy.

and B) There have been dozens and dozens of “memorable” characters here over the years. “A list” is gonna be kinda tough to put together, especially considering that some people who left the site chose to leave and some did not. Dredging up drama isn’t anything anyone needs. Nevermind the fact that not everyone on the forum has other social media accounts, nor should we assume that they’d want their activity here connected with their other accounts.

If you want to get sentimental, re-read some old threads and sigh longingly. That’s about the best you can hope for.

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Plenty of dudes you can find online. I interact via FB with a good number of those listed and have chatted on the phone with others.

Some people just move on, others use social media to take the place of forums without having to deal with people they don’t like, still others drum up enough ruckus that they get banned (possibly even from multiple sites)…

Like a rolling stone…