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Inspiring Functional Workout


I was reading some articles on functional training and I came across this article: "Fitness to survive" (google it).
This men basically trains like a caveman everyday, it's a mix between parkour and strongman stuffs, he's climbing, a lot of deadlifting (of course) and lunging/high-step-up pattern (unilateral strength haters won't like it ^^), carrying odd rocks objects/logs, he's jumping, running on different surfaces, swimming..

Funny fact, he's friend with David belle, original creator of "Parkour", they started training together before parkour was created, and they went different way, "parkour" didn't include lifting/carrying heavy object, wich is the main difference.

This is the real definition of being fit. It's really inspiring.
Take a look at it if you wanna try something different.

Some Videos:

There are some good videos interview you can find with google.

This is something different, enjoy or hate ^^.


Thanks for the vids, though I wish they would show the actual workout and not cut from one scene to the next. Kind of ironic, the woman who introduces him in the NASA vid needs to listen to him the most. I hope she took some good notes!


Haha ^^, I was thinking the same about the NASA girl :slightly_smiling:


I think that IS his workout... I think he climbs, runs and swims a lot. He doesnt have the build of a weightlifter at all... I wouldnt be waiting around for an actual workout "routine" per say. I think he just lives an active lifestyle.


Erwan le Corre is the reason I run barefoot.

And I mean literally barefoot, none of this pay $90 for rubber sock things malarkey.


awesome videos. where does this guy live?


Maybe I shouldn't have said workout. I would like to see the beginning and end of the trail, swim, climb, or whatever it is-start to finish. Then again, if that was too long I probably wouldn't watch it all anyway. I mean, I have to fit this training thing into my day too.:slightly_smiling: