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Inspired by Evan Centopani

Hey guys! So after watching some of his off-season nutrition videos, I had to get crackin’. Here’s 6 lbs of chicken marinating, soon to be grilled. Stay tuned for sweet potatoes and spinach.


What are you marinating them in?

I like Chipotle flavor on my chicken.

ughh you got me craving some chicken right now!! cant wait to see the rest

Oh jeese! I thought nobody was reading. Sorry for the cock tease.

I marinated one batch in soy sauce, sriracha, sesame oil and some garlic. For the other I used a grill-mates packet seasoning with orange juice, and the third was just a dry rub I found in my kitchen!

Tell you what, I’m grilling sirloin today, I’ll post that up to make it up to you guys

Man nice one! Summer is on the way I gotta buy myself a new barbeque!

vid that started it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV8bKr63yAU

Yeah, because of that vid, I cooked all my meat for a week in a single day; 2 2lb round steaks and 2 fist sized-chicken breasts alongside a cow heart.

It was great, but now I miss actually cooking the meals individually. :frowning:

Those sweet potatoes look delicious. I make sweet potatoes fries occasionally, just chop em up and bake.

Not as good w/o ketchup, but I sprinkle a little splenda and cinnamon on them instead and its still pretty good.

I’m going to buy some glass containers this weekend too, as I’ve been eating out of plastic and it has to end.