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Inspirational Wendler-esque Quote


This is something my combatives head instructor posted today. I thought it went right along with the Jim Wendler mentality.

"I believe in hard and smart training, period. Too many people are filled with too many excuses; I can’t train so early in the morning, I didn’t get enough beauty sleep, I didn’t eat enough for breakfast, my head hurts, my back aches, I feel a tinkle in my wrist and so on.
Yes, you should listen to your body, but draw the line between that and developing a habit of excuses. Too many excuses eventually lead to a weak and a pushover mentality. It is beneficial to be tired or hungry sometimes and yet still train and give it your best. Never pity yourself because your enemy sure won’t.
Bottom line, it’s not always about size or technique, but there’s no way around being tough. Be careful of developing excuses. Those will only cause you to get your ass kicked, in all walks of life.
Remember, failure permits no alibis and successes requires no explanation.

Train Smart,
Take care,
Sharir R,
ICCS Head Instructor."


That’s I think why so many weight lifters, power lifters, etc, find it so easy to teach each other. They know the real secret is the day in, day out discipline, not any particular exercise or routine.